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How would my bowling game suffer if I bowled with an oblong bowling ball?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) April 12th, 2014

If I forsook bowling with a round bowling ball and bowled with an oblong or wafer-shaped bowling ball how would my game suffer? Since I don’t bowl anyhow, would my game really suffer since I have not anyway? Should I worry about bowling with an oblong ball if I ever start bowling? Are you bowled over by this question?

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No idea but I would have thought you wouldn’t be able to put the correct spin on it needed to get a strike.

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It depends how bad you are now. If you are a lousy bowler today, then an oblong ball won’t make an appreciable difference.

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Put up the baby bumpers and you’ll not be disappointed.

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You don’t need a ball at all. Since your bowling is only imaginary, then your balls might as well be imaginary, too.

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Bowling is the lamest “sport” ever. Just say “NO” to bowling!
No bowling, no balls needed. Take up something cool like archery or fish spearing. lol

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On a well oiled lane you could probably toss it down lane with a 2 handed throw in a helicopter spin and the extra width of the oblong ball would probably then give you an advantage of knocking down more pins with even a bad throw. My son is a crazy ass 2 handed bowler who would love to prove this theory. He also has an Xbox bowling game that you can choose of all types of balls a boulder and a coconut to bowl with. The coconut is a pretty damn good ball to bowl with! :)

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Unless everyone played with oblong balls, you’d lose.

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