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Places to live in Orlando, FL?

Asked by kyjules (2points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

Moving to Orlando, FL with husband & 2 year old. Need suggestions on areas to live. Price of homes lower 200’s.

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Disney World!

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You don’t say where you will be working or what types of area you like. Suburbs? Country? More urban?

We live in Colonialtown, an older neighborhood with mature trees and fenced backyards. It is very close to downtown, because that is where my husband works. It is very residential, but sloe to everything. It is also near the Asian community so lots of great restaurants.

Commutes here are rough. People drive like maniacs, and the freeways are dangerous. If you want to PM me, I can offer more help. I have lived here four years. I know the whole metro area pretty well.

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This one is too low. I am thinking it needs work, but the area is right. What do you think? Look at the Google maps picture below.

This is more typical of the area price-wise. I know it is higher than you want to go.

Here is another in between.

Love the foreclosure market. Great time to buy a home!

Let me know if you want an introduction to a real estate agent (buyer’s agent) who is reputable and honest. She is a 4th generation Orlandian.

BTW, Windermere, while lovely, would be a giant commute for your husband. It is where Tiger Woods lived.

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My sister lived in St Cloud, which has sort of a small town feel while still being close enough to Orlando for shopping and entertainment.

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I have lived in Orlando for the past year and I have to say that winter park near rollins college is the nicest place in the city and is a great area for kids. There are schools near by and lots of shopping and dining options. Its also good because Orlando can get really hectic and winter park village is nice, quaint, and quiet.

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