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Is wearing my retainer while 3 of my wisdom teeth growing in a bad thing? And do wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 2nd, 2008

I just recently (this month or last month or so) got my braces removed, and now have to wear a retainer for 4 months, i just realized today that i have 3 wisdom teeth growing in, one at the top right, and 2 on the bottom. Would it be fine if i just continue to wear my retainer?
Eventually.. do they pull out my wisdom teeth when i turn 18 or something? (now 15 turning 16)

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Always, always, always wear your retainer.
If you need to get it adjusted for your wisdom teeth, tell your ortho on your next retainer check or call to make an appt.

No, not everyone needs there wisdom teeth removed. If they come in fine, then you are okay.

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I think your dentist would tell you to keep wearing the retainer. Ask him. I doubt it will have an impact on your wisdom teeth. As for the wisdom teeth, sometimes people have them removed and sometimes not. You don’t really need them and if they start causing you discomfort you’ll be glad they’re gone. If that last one doesn’t come in it could become impacted if its growing sideways or something. Don’t worry its not that big a deal. I had mine out when I was 20. Best thing that could have happened.

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This is one of those times that you shouldn’t trust the Internet. Call your dentist/orthodontist in the morning and ask them. They have seen your x-rays and we haven’t.

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I have my wisdom teeth, and don’t wear a retainer! That probably doesn’t help you, tho!

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yeah, i know a lot of people who have had to have them removed but not everyone does. i have naturally straight teeth, my wisdom teeth came in at 13 and i never had to have them removed or anything. i’m pretty lucky but i guess if you wear that retainer you’ll probably be better off than if you didn’t.

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i wouldn’t think your retainer would have much effect on your wisdom teeth coming in.

after 1–1/2 years of braces and another with a retainer, my bottom retainer mysteriously went missing. i didn’t think it was doing much, so i didn’t mention it. sadly, my bottom teeth shifted back out of alignment. they are not as bad as they started out, but definitely no longer straight :(

i had 2 wisdom teeth pulled and 2 surgically removed when i was 15. there just wasn’t any room and if they had all come in fully, they would have undone all the work from the braces. when my brother was 14, he had all his surgically removed because they were coming in at an angle. they would have pushed his teeth out of alignment and his back teeth would have started to deteriorate (i think it has something to do with the pressure). so…like others have said, you really need to see your dentist about your wisdom teeth. if your dentist/orthodontist hasn’t mentioned anything about removing them during one of your previous checkups, you’re probably fine.

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I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear your retainer ESPECIALLY if you recently got your braces off. Your teeth could shift within only a few nights. But agree, if you are concerned about your wisdom teeth go see your ortho… Just wear the retainer in the meantime.

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I called in my ortho today, and they said to go see my dentist, so i booked an appointment, explaining to them about what’s happening.
Since there is the possibility of not extracting my wisdom teeth, i want it to grow nicely, I for sure will continue to wear my retainer (already knowing it’s crucial to keep them on), i just hope it won’t affect anything much.

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