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If you were to start a food fight, what would you throw first?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (22180points) April 18th, 2014

As asked what would throw to start a food fight, something out of the fridge or out of the trash can?

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Phasers on potatoes. Set to stun.

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Let’s try coffee grounds from yesterday’s coffee pot.

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They are lame and missed me by a mile. I spill spoilt milk on your feet and toss rice too for good measure.

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Egg shells are in the air bazooka.

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I chew your bazooka gum and stick it under your chair. I am calling for reinforcements where are all the silly Ky jellies?

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Vaseline on you bicycle seat.

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Slips but enjoys it. I loosen the wheels on your skateboard and smear molasses and pronounce it with a southern drawl for effect.

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Balut and fish sauce!

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I can smell liver when I walk into the house so it must be in the fridge!

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I load a nerf gun with fermented herring from Sweden and left over lutefisk in a catapult. Incoming! Pass på!

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The dishes. Right in people’s faces, so it would cut them and they’d bleed and need medical assistance. Then I’d stab them with forks and rusty spoons and pop out their liver and make them eat it. If they didn’t want to, I’d kick their jaw repeatedly to emulate the chewing action.

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Tuna fish salad!

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coco nuts out of a super powered air cannon.

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Unopened tinned stuff, soup is very dense & leaves lasting brain damage when struck in the temple. Cucumbers are good for anal insertion & celery is perfect for poking eyes right out.

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How the hell did Dr. J know?:

You’re back! Our wish came true.

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zenzen (2242 )

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I would throw eggs or tomatoes. Maybe some soup…

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I’ve never had, nor intend to have, the slightest interest in joining a food fight. Besides the sheer messiness of it (I don’t even like eating fried chicken or corn on the cob with my hands), I’d keep thinking about all the starving kids in the world who could use that food we’d be foolishly wasting.

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Pie. Aim for the face.

Tropical_Willie's avatar

Not a chance ! !
There take that and that and mustard with mashed potatoes.

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Catfish bait. Chicken livers sealed in a plastic bag and in a left out in the sun for a day.

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Tuna salad and pickle relish.

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