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Have you recently given a random act of kindness?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) April 18th, 2014

I was at the discount store today, and an old, white haired lady was trying to park as I came out of the store. I pointed at my primo, front row parking space, nodded, and gave her a thumbs-up.

She slowly drove around the busy lot and came to me. I had to pull out and deflect on-coming traffic to get her in my spot.

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Oh a lot, like picking up a student’s pen when it dropped near me, or reminding another student that she almost left her coat in class.

Nobody thanked me though :(

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Helped some stranger reverse out of a crazy parking spot into the busy street after seeing his desperation. Bought a home bound person a house. Bought a stranger a guitar.

The first and last are true. The other, a dream.

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@zenzen Err… where did you get so much money for a guitar?

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I don’t know, I always hold open doors for others but I guess this week my random act of kindness was taking my park ducks and geese a giant container of cracked corn and a giant container of raw, hulled sunflower seeds. They were very grateful.

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@Coloma Was Marwyn forgive my spelling there too?

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A couple days ago I went into a convenience store and when I came out I noticed an old man(probably in his late 70’s/80’s) that was parked all kinds of sideways and was walking around his car looking really confused. He tried approaching a few people but they just kept walking. I went up to him and asking him what was wrong and if I could help in some way. Turned out he was an old Italian man that couldn’t speak much English. From the little Spanish I know I figured out that he had run out of oil and needed more for his car, so, I drove him around to three different stores till we found the right kind. It was a fun little adventure. (He even taught me a bit of Italian along the way :) )

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Pfft, no. People around me should just be glad I don’t do anything mean.

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@Mimishu1995 I’m old and have worked my whole life but I digress.

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.A few days back I saw an old lady struggling to balance a container of food, her bag, and a glass of water at the Food Court. I offered to take the food and water to the table for her. Tomorrow I am planning to visit the orphanage with some Easter Goodies.

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I went to Subway last night to get a salad with my son and there was the cutest couple well into their 80’s and I offered to empty their tray for them and they gladly accepted. My son gave me the thumbs up.

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As I did several times this week, I always let someone ahead of me in a grocery line (whether long or short) if they have only a few items and I have a lot, especially if it’s an older person or a mom with little kids. I also try to be as accommodating when driving as possible—for example, pausing for cars to enter the street ahead of mine from parking lots and other off-street spots, and letting cars make their turns when the light is about to turn red.

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I can think of two things but sadly, I’m not sure either one really counts.

A few days ago, cycling to the store, I realized I had forgotten to take a bike lock. This happened after I had re-twisted the ankle I’d only just started to walk on again, so cycling back to get it would have been painful. I had also been involved in a dog fight that day, it was late, and I still had to bake an elaborate birthday cake before falling into bed. I was about ready to cry. I didn’t cry. Instead, I asked a lady to watch my bike. She declined – aggressively – , and I tried another lady. This second one agreed immediately. Grateful, I bought her chocolates. They were pretty expensive, but instead of being an act of kindness, I’d say it could be better described as retribution. She was thrilled, nonetheless.

The second action was rather unpleasant…relatives of mine recently adopted a three-year-old labrador cross. This dog was untrained and barely socialised. When I saw him for the first time, I noticed several warning signs, and alarm bells started ringing. The dog had already started to aggressively guard his food and toys. When I met him, he was beginning to growl when he was touched unexpectedly, as well as mouth forearms. The family has four children, two of them under eight. Needless to say, I was less than enthusiastic. I consulted the professional dog trainer I work for, and she concurred. So, two days ago, I paid them a visit and urged them to return the dog. It was a very difficult conversation. The dog is gone now, and he is being missed. Still, I am convinced I did the right thing there. It would have been a matter of time for this dog to get serious, and if he had hurt one of the children because I held back, I would have felt horrible.

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I do “acts of kindness”, but they are never random.

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I drove past a store today that has on-street, parallel parking only. None available. I drove around the block, and by the time I got back around, a space had opened up and 2 of my friends were standing there holding it for me. :)

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I tipped my massage therapist handsomely today. lol
Oh man…whatta work over…oooh yeah!

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I was stingy selfish bastard when I was younger. I try and make up for it every chance I can now. It’s amazing how easy it is to make someones day and cheer them up by doing simple things.

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Tonights random act of kindness, a nice fat tip for the pizza delivery kid. haha

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I gave a friend a ride to her car in a distant parking lot.

I don’t think I do “random acts” of kindness, nor do I plan my acts of kindness. I just choose to be kind most of the time. If I have a choice, I automatically choose to be kind without thinking about it. I can’t imagine being any other way, and not in a self-laudatory way at all… it’s just my reality. To be honest, it’s not always altruistic—sometimes it’s a form of self-preservation.

Even with that, I still think a little kindness goes a long, long way. I love these people Be Kind I believe they’re pioneers in “kindness education.”

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Thanks, @linguaphile, and thanks for your kindness. I like to surprise people with little kindnesses.

Today I went to Taco Bell and ordered something new. When I got to my car with it, there was bacon on it and I do not eat meat. I went back in, and they made me another without meat, and as the woman was grabbing the bag she threw something in it and mumbled. She had added a fried pie. Sweet of her, but not something I would eat. As I walked out the door, two young women in beater car with a kid in back drove in. I walked over and asked one of them if they’d like a fried pie. She happily and cheerfully accepted, and even put it in the seat of her car before entering the restaurant.

Pay it forward works.

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