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How many voice overs in "The Passion of the Christ" do you think Mel Gibson did?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44155points) April 18th, 2014

I wrote a hot check for the DVD when it came out in 2004 (and wondered if writing a hot check for “The Passion of the Christ” was a sin…???) We watched it then, then watched it again tonight (2014). Listening rather dispassionately, I couldn’t help but notice many of “The Christs” moans, groans and sighings sounded like Mel Gibson’s in various movies when he’s groaning and moaning, as he is quite frequently.

I can’t imagine an ego like Gibson’s not inserting itself in his own movie in someway, and I wonder if that’s where he did it in this movie?

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I don’t know about the voice overs. But I did hear an interview with Mel at that time. He claimed that was his own hands shown nailing Christ to the cross. Said it was to signify the answer to the age old question of “Who killed Christ? The Romans or the Jews?”.

“I did. We all did.”

That’s why I was utterly surprised to hear him soon after having such terrible anti-semetism episodes. I was so shocked by that. Can’t believe how he fell from grace soon after that movie.

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I’m just surprised it wasn’t called The Passion of the Mel.

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You think that is bad?
He also wanted to do a certain voice over of Jesus on the cross, but that is when the producers stepped in and stopped it.
The line was supposed to be “Just you wait until 1935!”

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I didn’t think it was bad, just weird.
You know what, though…I didn’t like that movie. If women were fainting it’s because they were forcing themselves to watch the gruesomeness when they would normally change the channel.
Anyway, it’s in the Goodwill box now.

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Not uncommon. The movie’s garbage. And I like pointless gore. But I went in seeing this expecting to see something deep and epic, and all it had was cow carcasses and some guy getting whipped. Yawn inducing.

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