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What's with all of the mass knife attacks in Canada and the US?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) April 18th, 2014

This week has been full of people using knives , or sometimes two at a time (double dagger). Too many to list, Calgary five people were killed by the son of a police officer. The Jewish school in the states and a Jewish retirement home .

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Love & Attention. These kids didn’t have enough love and attention being raised.

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The incidents at the two Kansas City- area Jewish centers were shootings, not knifings.

There was a multiple knifing incident at a school; people are more vigilant about guns.

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Many people think Knives and Guns are the main problem. Instead of focusing on the weapons used, a better way to look at it is to think about the factors like domestic abuse,addiction issues, alcoholism, drug abuse that cause these unfortunate events and how to prevent them.

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Guns don’t kill, ehh?

they sure as hell help

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All the knife attacks? Canada: 40-something million people. US: 300 million. China (which was an organized terrorist action in a country where one would be hard pressed to find a firearm among civilians): what? 2 billion? All the knife attacks? How many among these 2.5 billion people?

I’m gonna say it again: Just burn your fucking TVs. Life is so much better without all the exaggerated schoolgirl anxiety generated by drama queen commentators working for commercial news agencies dependent on viewership that is, in effect, just local news a million miles away from where you live. Burn the mutherfuckers!

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Not having had broadcast TV for about 20 years now, I have to second what @Espiritus_Corvus said.

There were not 200,000 knife attacks, just 200,000 repetitions per news outlet.

…local news a million miles away from where you live.

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I agree it’s just the news and sensationalism.

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Knife attacks are trending right now in the media. I assume they happen more often than we think, but not as much as we are thinking right now because of the media coverage.

In the US the media picked up the Jewish retirement home because when there is violence against a group like that it usually gets attention, and the perpetrator was so horrific with what he said it makes good news.

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Sometimes you just feel like shanking a bitch…..? I have no idea, but least they aren’t using guns.

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