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Am I imagining it or is there really time when Fluther seems kind of quiet?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14748points) April 21st, 2014

AKA is there time when not many jellies come and do anything and Fluther become so quiet and boring?

OK so I have adjusted my active jelly time to match many other jellies’ time based on the statistic I collected in a timezone thread. But really, there is still time when I seem to be the only one who is active!

So what? Is there really time when no jellies are active here?

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The first part of the week, especially AM in the states is usually pretty quiet. Sometimes it’s absolutely dead. It usually picks up towards the end of the week.

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Through the middle of the night (1am-6am EDT) in America is slowe, so that is probably the afternoon for you. We have more American Jellies than people on the other side of the international dateline. Europe is hitting late afternoon and evening as America wakes up.

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And yesterday was slow because of Easter Sunday. It is usually slow on the major US holidays.

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Well thanks @Adirondackwannabe and @JLeslie. It seems adjusting to the timezone isn’t the only solution.

@janbb A bit trivial, but could you tell me about some US holidays and the time?

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Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve and Day, Labor Day and July Fourth are probably the biggest – either Christian or national holidays. You can Google for the dates.

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Holidays. Plus, the Christian holiday Easter, which changes every year, but is not a national holiday so it won’t be on the federal holiday link I provided.

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So I’ll log in in the morning (here) at weekdays and in the evening (here) at weekends. Is it OK?

No one’s here… <yarn>

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@Mimishu1995 How about get some more people in your time zone to participate here. We love having people from many different cultures and parts of the world. We do have some regular, beloved, jellies close to your time zone. Australia, a few in the Middle East, and a few in east Asia.

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@JLeslie How about get some more people in your time zone to participate here.

Haha! No.

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I regret I’ve been out of pocket for quite a while. I will try to be back in more often. Spread so thin sometimes you can read a paper through me.

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People tend to be on here when there isn’t a holiday, when their kids aren’t home from school due to seasonal breaks (or blizzards), when the weather is inclement, and when they aren’t super busy at work/school.

If you look at the graph I posted in your last Q, you’ll see a bit of a pattern for each month and for the overall year.

As soon as allergy season passes, I’ll be outside non-stop. From that point on gardening will take up all of my extra free-time, not Fluther.

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Fridays get slow when there is a holiday on the weekend. People want to get their work done quickly so they can go home early and get their weekend started. During the summer I imagine people wi be taking vacations at all different times, and all different ways, so some will be gone from Fluther while they have their vacation.

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Sometimes I’m on during weekday early mornings (Eastern time). I find spam but few other things going on. Probably the majority of people are getting ready for work in my time zone and people who are west of the East coast are not yet awake.

It also seems like weekend mornings and day time there’s not much going on. I figure that’s because Jellies are doing weekend stuff.

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I’ve found some very quiet times during weekends and holidays. Sometimes, I’m the only Jelly present on a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon.

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I was celebrating Easter with people yesterday, than a friend stayed over here the night. My guess is a few people were also out for Easter. Not that I would blame holidays for how slow this place can get, seems to have its ups and downs every week.

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From the graph I once saw, the beginning of the week was the busiest and the slowest was Fridays, picking back up a bit on the weekend. I can’t find that graph, but perhaps it has changed.

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