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Mickey Mouse: American icon, or annoying sh*tkicker?

Asked by ucme (50037points) April 22nd, 2014

I despise the cheery bugger, I like Goofy & Pluto, Donald Duck is cool too, but wow do I hate that mouse!

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I want them to bring back Rodger Rabbit. And I hate repeats of Warner Brothers cartoons, and they don’t make anything with Mickey Mouse any more unless you count toddler programs.

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^^ What you do in your spare time is entirely your own affair.

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Seriously though, i’ve never seen the appeal. Everything about him stinks, that stoopid voice, those daft ears & he’s such a bloody wimp.

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Gloves, white gloves, never takes them off…either a golfer or a burglar.

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Trust me, he was a big, big deal in the world long before you were born.

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@Pachy Ahh, good old Mortimer eh? Steamboat Mickey & all that jazz, I don’t deny the mouse done good, in terms of lasting global exposure. It’s just, he’s such a knock kneed weak & feeble character, personality wise.

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When my son was about 2 or 3 years old two decades ago, we visited Disneyland in Los Angeles. Mickey wasn’t roaming the streets of the park that day. He was in his house. When we got to Mickey’s room where he was waiting, my son leapt into his arms he was so happy to see him.

We got very lucky with our camera and took a very good picture that I treasure to this day.

I love Mickey Mouse.

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@ucme, you should watch some of his early cartoons. Disney originally made him quite a little rogue way back then. His personality (and outfit) mightily evolved over the decades.

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@Pachy Quick, change the n for an m, I like my name in red :)

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Nice one sir.
So you agree, in principle at least, he became less roguish & therefore weak?

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Weak isn’t the word I’d use but frankly, and I say this with all due respect, @ucme with an M, I’ve lost interest in defending Mr. Mouse except to say this: He was always one of my favorite characters back when was into cartoons a century ago.

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Now you sound more like Grumpy from Snow White.

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Blasphemy! You hate Mickey Mouse?! I live in the land of Mickey. Close by anyway. Mickey to me is synonomous with Walt Disney and I love Disney. I love being on Disney property, the rides, the feeling of vacation, I can’t separate the two. They grow watermelons in the shape of mouse ears and the electrical plant even has mouse ears.

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I like that Phantasia movie…there’s an axe in it. That’s all I really remember.

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I do not like the mouse, and do not like what he stands for. Those stupid ears are on almost every surface at Walt Disney World. When I saw them on the manhole covers it was almost too much for me to stand. I do not like how child stars sell their souls to the little freak for their 15 minutes of fame. Not to mention the fact that that rodent has the most annoying squeaky voice – ever.

Now I may be prejudiced against Mickey because as a child every year on our annual trip to Disneyland I wanted nothing more than one of these and I never got one. Looking back I realize I probably should have let go of the balloon dream and been happy with an annual trip to Disneyland.

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“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing — that it all started with a mouse.” -Walt Disney

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Without Mickey, Goofy & Pluto, Donald Duck would be nobodies. Mickey’s shtick makes the supporting staff seem…cool

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They all should be stuck on spits.

The best animated mice by far are Pinky and the Brain… and sometimes Larry.

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They even have bunkers/sand traps shaped as his daft ears on their golf courses.
Mickey Mouse, when will your balls drop bitch?

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Well, the undisputed king of animated mice is DangerMouse #halloffame

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Why are there so many mice and ducks in cartoons, anyway?

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Good point well made…Daffy Duck FTW

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Daffy Duck rules. I love those Bugs Bunny cartoons haha.

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It’s the sadistic violence that grabs me, as well as the daft humour, perfect combination.

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Haha yeah, it also created some simple but powerful mythos. Like, will Sylvester ever get to eat Tweety? Will the coyote ever catch the roadrunner? Easy concepts that never went anywhere but were always fun to watch.
The first time I saw those was when we first moved to Manitoba, my dad rented a VCR and some Bugs Bunny tapes, aaah, memories.

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When will the granny who owns Tweety get laid? XD
Looney Tunes rocks, but I love me some Tex Avery, Droopy is fucking awesome.

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