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How loyal are you to your cause, nation, or nationality, etc.?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 25th, 2014

If you were in a situation where you had to choose to malign your nationality (if it was not so obvious that you could not disguise it), group, orientation, company, etc. if you were threatened with incarceration, or an astronomical fine, would you? For example Mr. Newman faced the dilemma, say he and the US was wrong and go free or stick to his guns even at the point of losing his freedom. Which would you do, go for the escape, or stick to your guns even if doing so would bring a great negative outcome for you?

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<<<<< Sells out whenever the opportunity arises.

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For a start, no one is going to take that seriously. Further, the only people I would defend loyally are my BBE and my son. If lying about them meant I went free and they got into trouble, I wouldn’t do it. Anyone or anything else, I wouldn’t sacrifice myself for them. I would lie in order to be set free, and then recant repeatedly and loudly from a safe distance.

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Fuck my country.

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Not at all, I have two nationalities and I care less for either.

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If it was truly an oppressive “give me all your freedoms and cash” situation…I would do my damn best to bug out and regroup with like minded souls and plot our plan to retake the freedoms thusly removed. Lock and load time!

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Statements made under duress are meaningless and anyone who takes such things seriously is a damned fool. Everyone here would do the same as Newman, trust me. I would like to think that I would give some resistance, just to let them know that my being their bitch doesn’t come cheap—anyone making me do anything against my will is automatically a mutherfucking bastard, after all, and should be treated as such with as little cooperation as possible—but you never know what you’d really do until it happens. That would be my intention, anyway. And if my turn ever came, in a situation like that, I’d rely on people to understand that it was made under duress and if they still condemned me for the statement they could go to the same hell I’d want to send my captors. Fuck ‘em all.

It’s incredible that the North Korean government still thinks people buy this bullshit.

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I would sell my country out in a hot second, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought.

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The event occured in Nov. 2013, and having saved face, N. Korea released (or as they put it, “deported” him”) on Dec.7. 2013. Once he returned to the US, he was free to tell the back, side and front story…details of which surprised no one. He was lucky. Source

(Why is this in social rather than general, given the seriousness, unambiguity and legitimacy of the issue?)

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@gailcalled because @Hypocrisy_Central is asking us what we would do, what what the poor guy stuck in N. Korea did.

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Since I haven’t turned my nationality into a religion I would have qualms speaking against it in exchange for my release.

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For example, I fully support this guy taking the federal government to court over this issue:

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They have ways now to make people talk in which you will have no choice. Only well trained agents can go against such mind breaking tortures as water-boarding, bone breaking and truth serums.

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whispers @Dan_Lyons who is ‘They’? and what do they want?

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@cazzie who do you think they are?

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I don’t know. I don’t live in your paranoia.

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^^^ who do you think they are?
The people behind the supposedly “black helicopters”, and unmarked black SUVs?

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^^^ What do you mean by supposedly black?

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This thread tells exactly who “they” are.

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^^^ 1140 responses moderated on that C I errr ahem thread.

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