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When it comes to questions what is your ratio for those you answer or comment on as oppose to those you skip?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) April 30th, 2014

In another thread someone mentioned seeing a question but did not find it appealing enough to answer. I know I pass up about a dozen to 15 questions until I find one that holds my interest. I don’t usually comment on questions when I can’t add anything to it. I often see people answer stating they have no answer to the OP question but wish them luck with whatever. I figure I have a 1–15 answer ratio (one question answered for every 15 viewed). What do you figure your ratio to be?

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I answer 1 out of 5 questions in General and about half of the questions in Social and almost all of the Meta q’s….I need to get a life.

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They actually track the questions you look at (I find this disturbing). Years ago Andrew would give us a percentage of questions of the total we had visited. Gail was #1 with around 68%. I was #2 with around 55%.

My percentage is way lower now. From a quick browse I am down to around 10%. That is just looking at. Actually answering is way lower.

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They actually track the questions you look at

Do you know exactly how it works? Because it seems so automated to me, and without anyone, staff or otherwise, actually even seeing any of it. (although they can, as I learned in your answer)
I don’t look at every question on here, however in the Questions for You thing, it seems that every question is suggested to me. (the purpose of the tracking thing is for that, I assume)

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About the same as squirting glue at the village idiot & tossing M&M’s at him.
Some stick, most whizz past, cascading down the street like a kaleidoscope of confectionary colour.

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After nearly 7 years on the site, there’s no way to know how many thousands of questions I’ve skipped.

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There are numerous questions I can’t answer. Technic al Qs will not likely get read by me. When there is a Q which asks something which requires only limited input, such as, what is the phobia called for people who are afraid of screen doors? If it has been answered, I move on. I am unable to bring up most links posted, so if answering a Q requires clicking a link, I pass. Sometimes the link gets described within the thread, and I may answer based on finding such clarifications.
What’s left varies, sometimes there are several, sometimes not. I suppose about 5% to 10%

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