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We have heard about the American dream, then what is the Canadian dream?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) April 30th, 2014

It has to be more than an unlimited Tim Horton’s gift card and a high school diploma? What do you think It should be?
Anyone welcome to answer. You don’t have to be Canadian. Humor and serious, answers welcome.

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To succeed in the U.S. market without acquiring U.S. stupidities.

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The Canadian Dream is for Montreal to beat the Chicago Blackhawks in the playoffs. Keep dreaming.

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Not to be part of the American Dream.

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@Cruiser Don’t speak for me. Couldn’t give less of a shit about hockey. :)

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@Symbeline @Cruiser I have hated hockey ever since Gretzky was traded from the Oilers, it is hard to have a role model who leaves and is replaced every two years.

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The Canadian dream is to be able to afford to spend every February in the Caribbean.

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To have French become the dominant language.

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The Canadian Dream is to purchase a condo in Florida to spend half the year “in the States”. BTW I know of what I speak. I have met many Canadians in Florida who all have the same story.

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@ucme Which reminds me…bacon. It differs slightly in America and Canada, (more fat in American bacon, and not made from the same pork parts) but over here in the frozen land of beer and beavers, people really love their bacon. It’s like a religion, and a fad on Facebook. Bacon itself is a meme.

Now, I like bacon just as much as the next average lumberjack but…I’m sorry, it’s just not that fucking epic. It’s just fucking greasy dead pig, cmon, settle down.

meat pie rocks though, but this may just be a Québec thing

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@Symbeline Agreed on all points.

@rojo Points for the Bob & Doug reference, but you would have earned more for linking a clip of Strange Brew.

There is no such thing as “The Canadian Dream.” This is how Americans think, not Canadians. Therein lies one of our cultural differences.

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@Symbeline I like Canadian ham, that’s wot arm tarkin aboot.

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To be able to afford an American doctor out of pocket.

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Apparently, to become a billionaire.

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@janbb Actually I want to be the worlds first trillionare, in Canadian dollars.

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You gotta love a place that calls its money ”Loonies!”

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Is there a “Vietnamese dream?”

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@rojo Zomg what a crazy video lol. Nice. Also that chick kinda looks like Jessica Rabbit.

@dappled_leaves There is no such thing as “The Canadian Dream.” This is how Americans think, not Canadians. Therein lies one of our cultural differences.

Heh yeah. I myself was wondering what it could have been…other than Canada wanting to get rid of Québec. Or the other way around perhaps, but that doesn’t include me. If Québec separates, I’m going somewhere else in Canada. Reminds me of that Simpsons episode…’‘that’s it! Back to Winnipeg!’’

@ucme Is there a difference between Canadian, British and American ham? And lol, ’‘tarkin’’.

@Mimishu1995 You’d know that better than all of us. :)

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To become Wayne Gretzky

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@Symbeline I genuinely have no clue, but when it says Canadian ham on the packet it definitely tastes better. Maybe the pigs in Canada are just way prettier XD

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The “Canadian ham” thing puzzles me. I’ve seen that phrase used (only outside of Canada, of course) to mean several different kinds of thing, from ham to bacon and anything in between. Here, if it’s ham, we call it… ham. And if it’s bacon, we call it… bacon.

There is a whole separate thing called back bacon (also called peameal bacon). I always assumed that this was what people meant by “Canadian bacon,” until I saw the product… and it is rarely that.

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The Canadian dream should be “don’t get us involved in your differences abroad”.
Maintain peace.

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