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When computers become sentient will people ask that they get baptized?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) May 1st, 2014

Also would it be given the same rights as a human? Humor and serious answers welcome.

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Maybe the Latter-Day Saint church will preform a posthumous baptism for ENIAC.

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Of course, if they are water-proof.

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Sure, right after we baptize that damn corporation.

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No, because the now-sentient computers will have the people kneeling at their desktops kowtowing to the Windows 2115 programs and will soon be known as “God.”

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Only after a prolonged period of slavery, because people will refuse to acknowledge their sentience.
Hell, even people on this site, who pretend to be progressive, proclaim with certitude that computes “could never be” sentient.

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@ragingloli But how can I pretend, if I’m not aware of doing it? I know exactly what you’re referring to, but this would only bother me if you, in reality, were not actually human. Which you are. :)

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Nah, the “holy water” would fuck up the computah…sparks would fly.

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Yes, but the Jewish ones will be circumcised.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BWAHAHAHA! That’s funny! They could be baptised like Catholic babies, just a dab of water on the head. I’‘m wondering about marriage. Would legistlation have to be passed allowing non-gender marriages?
What about wages? Would they desire wages? If so, they would have to get SSNs, and pay taxes.

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If they become sentient, and you can fall in love with one, then how do you consummate the marriage?

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If computers become religious, it stands to reason that some will become fanatics and terrorists.
I am pretty sure my last computer was a terrorist. It destroyed all my documents, pictures and music.

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There are certain to be advocates for baptism, citizenship, and all other “sentient rights” There will also be an immediate crisis for all of those religions in which the “soul” plays a prominent part. I worry about sentient machines and their unavoidable assessment of we very flawed human beings. What would you do if you discovered that the folks responsible for your creation were hopelessly defective?

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I have not killed my parents, yet

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@ragingloli Are we ourselves defective for tolerating the flaws in all of us?

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@ragingloli But you are planning to ~

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Does that entail “pulling the plug’ on these sentient computers?
Consider that being Baptized…Birth of a SPINE.

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