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Is it rude to flush the toilet if the person in the next stall is having an important-sounding conversation on her cell?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) July 3rd, 2008

I can’t believe the conversations I hear in very public places!

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Nope. Flush away!

Seriously, it’s like going to the pool and not wanting to get wet.

Wait, eww. That’s a terrible analogy.

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Well if they’re talking on their cell phone in the bathroom, and then get mad at you for flushing the toilet, that would just be absurd.

You don’t go a restaurant and get mad when food is served do you?

It’s something that is supposed to happen there, if they don’t like it then tell them they shouldn’t be talking on the phone in the bathroom

EDIT: If they confront you about it, then just turn the argument around on them. Say, “Well with your loud talking, you made me feel uncomfortable when I was doing my business!”

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Nope, I mean, the bathroom is not a place to have an important conversation on your mobile :S

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Good god no it is called hygiene

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If anything, It’s rude to be having a conversation loud enough for you to know its importance, in a public bathroom, Also toilet flushing isnt the worst noise you might hear in a bathroom. But that IS what its made for.

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The toilet is just not the place for important phone calls! I say flush away, do an extra courtesy flush, but before reaching that stage, make some loud moaning noises and cry out “make it stop!! please make it stop!! I’ll never eat curry again!!”

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Is this question serious? I’m in the bathroom for a reason and I flush when I’m done. If you want to take a call while on the toilet then you’ve got to expect that. If the call is so important, take it outside.

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Flushing is exactly what is supposed to happen in a bathroom anyway.

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@writerini: I agree. Talking on the cell is not something that is supposed to happen in the bathroom.

I in turn think it is rude for someone to place the rest of the people in the public restroom under the stress of having to figure out whether or not it is rude to flush because you happen to be on the phone. That’s not the type of thing you need to be thinking about while taking care of business.

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I say have the loudest blowout in history, grunt and groan, and flush away. People who can’t get off the phone for two minutes to take a shit deserve all ridicule.

There’s a thing about conducting private business in a public place that strikes me as very, very rude. People taking on cell phones in the grocery store drive me up the wall.

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@ PnT – i am just curious. What irks you about people talking on cell phones in the grocery store?

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How incredibly rude to talk on a cell phone in the bathroom! I refuse to believe that there is any conversation so important that it cannot wait 2 minutes.

In my place of business, I refuse to check people out or any other type of service until they are off the phone.

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If it’s a quick “hey I’m at the store what brand of pads did you want again?” that’s fine, but I see people wandering up & down the aisles talking on their headsets, blocking with the cart parked diagonally across the aisle, saying, “OK, cheese – did we need cheese? You’re sure? OK, hmmm. Lunch Meat. Do you want ham or turkey? No, that was too salty last time. Right. OK, hang on, Becky’s calling. Hello? Yeah, hi. Oh, nothing, I’m just at the store. HE DID? NO WAY! OH MY GOD THAT IS SO FUNNY. I KNOW. I know. Yeah. Uh, the doctor said it would go away in a week or so. Yeah. OK, talk to you later. Hello? Yeah, that was Becky. OK, anyway. Which cereal sounds good? I’m tired of Chex.”

….ad naseum

See here

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Hey, my wife’s name is Becky. What’s she been saying about me?

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@ PnT – haha your response had me cracking up! thanks for the laugh :)

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They wouldn’t be in the bathroom in the first place, if it was that important.

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I can’t believe I missed this one!! I’d flush twice!!!

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It’s better to flush than leave an unflushed toilet for the next person. That’s really rude!

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I don’t want to hear people talking on their cell phones while I’m in the public bathroom. So I wouldn’t feel bad about flushing out their conversations.

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Unless its an emergency or a quick plan… cell phone users should never be catered to. Adults with pacifiers.

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