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Have you witnessed a drone fly by? Or any unusual flying object which you couldn't explain?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) May 9th, 2014

I think it’s fascinating. I do hope it isn’t going to take us deeper than we are into some Orwellian nightmare.

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sorry nupe. i look down.

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I have seen a UFO once.

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@ragingloli Would you care to elaborate?

I saw one once with five others (about 15 years ago) but we were all flying pretty high on mushrooms so ?????

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Sure, I saw an object that I couldn’t identify flying in the sky.

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I could I identify it, but first time I saw one of these I was blown away.

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Sadly, I have never seen anything out of the ordinary.

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@ragingloli is just kidding. She/He/It arrived to this planet on a flying object that mere humans could not identify.
My kids and I were leaving the small municipal airport that my husband learned to fly in and we saw a large boomerang shaped neon blue colored object circling very low (about 200–300 feet) above our heads.

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I stared at a thing in the sky years and years ago with some neighbors. The word UFO was being bandied about. I called some dept at our major university and it was the proverbial weather balloon. My neighbors seemed almost angry in their disappointment

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There was a really strange looking person behind the counter at McDonalds yesterday. I wasn’t sure if it was a guy or a girl, or even human.

I decided to consider it an Unidentified Frying Object.

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I saw something in the air just a few days ago about the same height as what @Judi saw. It was 2-D dome-shaped with green lights on the perimeter. I suspected it was just a toy, but damn that thing was really high in the sky!

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No. I once saw a seagull look both ways before crossing the street though.

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Heck. I live about 1 mile from the Pentagon. Weird stuff flies by on a frequent basis. Such events are so frequent, we neighbors don’t care. We just hear a bizarre noise, or see something odd, and say, “Oh, yeah. Pentagon.”

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@Tropical_Willie I am still LMFAO @ your flying video!!

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Bandages and first aid are available @Dan_Lyons.

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@flip86 Did he make sure to look left a second time?

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Just my MIL zipping overhead on a broom stick.

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I have, twice. Both times I was with another person who verified that i wasn’t imagining things.

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@dxs No. But the bird clearly knew what it was doing. No wonder these things are so prominent. They are quite clever.

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