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How will I know when to start dating again?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) May 11th, 2014

I wanted to wait until I have a degree and a profession… but life derailed those plans.

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Jump already! Just be nice to women you come across. If it feels natural to want to see her again, ask her! Don’t think so deeply.

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You don’t start dating.

Dating starts you!

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^^ (in Russia)

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*Soviet Russia

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When you fancy someone ;)

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Having decisions in one aspect of one’s life dependent on unrelated aspects of one’s life is a way of fooling yourself and distracting yourself from examining your life. Waiting for a degree or a job is a way of not having to look at your attractiveness to others.

I used to tell myself I’d quit drinking when I got a better job, or a girlfriend, or when I moved. But life doesn’t work that way, when you have a part of your life you want to address, you need to take action now, not wait.

And dating is one of the hardest aspects of life, filled with emotional disruptions and ups and downs. It’s not something on a bucket list to check off, it is an ongoing struggle filled with good moments and bad. And, in the best scenario, dating ends when one finds someone who feels the same way about you and spending the future with you.

That’s when the real work starts.

Good luck!

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You could do a transitional approach to dating, where you’re not actively searching for people, but willing to date the right person. Sort of a take it as they come philosophy. Everyone has problems, and there’s sure to be someone out there who’s ok with your circumstances.

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Just start going out with people. It doesn’t have to be a “Date”. Get out there and get your feet wet.

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When someone asks you out.

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