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Does global sea rise violate God's covenant to Noah not to flood the world again?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) May 11th, 2014

If you were a Christian, would you believe that God wouldn’t flood the earth once again?

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The bible thumpers have to believe that as it is written in the good book. The rainbow is supposed to be a sign to us of this covenant.

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God has nothing to do with climate change but if I were you @talljasperman I would take it as a sign you should put a sail on your coffin and line it with pizzas for the long months at sea ahead. lol

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There is no “God,” and the story of Noah and the ark is just lore from ancient times.

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Well, technically, the seas and oceans might rise, but unless the whole planet is covered with water, it won’t amount to that famous Bible flood. And if it did, we’d all be drowned and dead, so we couldn’t debate about it.
If that did happen though, I would hope Noah would be cool and give me a ride in the boat.

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@Symbeline You going to be the one viking woman to survive? :P

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@Symbeline “I would hope Noah would be cool and give me a ride in the boat.”
After 3 days you’d be trying to jump off the boat just to get away from the poop smell. Do you have any idea how much crap an elephant lays down? About 150 pounds per day! And that is just one elephant. Add in horses cows, unicorns…. and your Wellies would need to reach as high as your nose.

@talljasperman Here is a video .for you . You probably don’t speak Japanese so I will translate for you. “Hey! He promised he would not do this again! I saw the rainbow. We had a deal!”

Actually the poor guy is saying., “What is this? What is this? What is happening?” over and over again. Tragic.

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It’s a covenant being broken by man in being poor stewards of the planet.

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he may have promised Not to flood the Earth, but never said anything about a Comet finishing us off?

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@LuckyGuy Yeah. Hopefully Noah shoveled the poop and hucked it off deck or something.

I always thought though…Noah must have been one tough old man. How old was this dude, like 108? Then he has to go catch two of every animal…this means he went sprinting after panthers, wrestled bears, fought with eagles and got in fist fights with baboons. Plus did this count insects? He had to catch two of every insect? Must have been some work busting into a bee’s nest to capture a queen and a strapping young bee lad.

Respect people, respect.

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@Symbeline Maybe he was from the future (Atlantis) , and saved the DNA of every animal.

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Sounds legit.

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