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Who still has a living mother to call for Mother’s Day, and did you remember to do so?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 11th, 2014

That includes if you do not have the best relationship with your mother at this time.

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I live with my mother so I didn’t have to call her. My significant other and I greeting her good morning and gave her a gift. We were not, however, able to visit my grandmother today. We will be visiting her next weekend to celebrate.

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Today was a work day, but I made a special dinner for my aunt tonight. Tomorrow I’m going to visit my granny in the nursing home and give her a painting I painted. :)

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I do, and I did call. Sent a card as well!

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We went to lunch.

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Mom is lying on her coach and relax, and I’m resting after my housework :)

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My mother lives in another city but I did call her and had flowers delivered to her also. My daughter called me : ^)

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I don’t get along with my mom, and anyways even if I wanted to call her, I have absolutely no idea where she is. Well she’s in France somewhere, moved back there 15 years ago. My grandmother might be able to find out. (said grandmother is my dad’s mom, not my mom’s mom)
But I get along more than good with my grandmother, who also lives in France. We phone each other all the time and send letters. She tried the Internet for a while but didn’t like it, and got rid of it so we’re back to snail mail.
So I didn’t wish my grandmother a happy mother’s day but eh, she knows more than enough how I feel, and anyways in France, Mother’s Day is later this month.

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I chatted with my mom for a bit but beyond that I didn’t do anything. But I also talk to her everyday and see her a few times a week. Shiiit, I’m 36 years old and she still does my laundry. Granted, my apartment doesn’t have a place to do laundry and she has a washer and dryer and only lives ten minutes away. If it makes people feel any better she doesn’t fold.

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My mom is almost 89 and in a nursing home. I went to visit her.

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Spent the day with her.

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We live together. We (my 3 siblings and I) had a family meal and gave her flowers.

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My mother died when I was 20. I’ll be 30 in June. I never knew her though.

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I thought of my mom and miss her so much. Nothing can replace a mothers love. She passed away a few years ago now.

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My 90 yr old mother lives near me. I went over and visited her; took her a pound of See’s Candy too, which made her happy.

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@zenvelo Nice for you to give your mom sweets. My sister always takes Snicker’s bite sized candy bars but mom has a problem with her weight and bowel evacuation. So now I/we give her candy-bar like fiber bars instead.

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@LornaLove I thought of my mom and miss her so much.
Join the club, those who still have living moms should count their blessings.

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