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Can you give me your opinion on major kitchen appliances?

Asked by JLeslie (65076points) May 12th, 2014

I know I am getting a GE Advantium oven and a regular wall oven. I still have to pick:

- a fridge
– gas cooktop
– and dishwasher

I will probably wind up mixing brands. As for the fridge, I am leaning towards french doors with the freezer on the bottom. Some of the newer ones have a 4th drawer in the middle that you can keep refrigerator items in without opening the large fridge doors. GE has one that the 4th drawer is a second freezer drawer, I guess so you don’t have to bend over too far all the time for freezer items.

Please let me know anything you hate or love about your major kitchen appliances. I probably will not be splurging on top of the line like Wolf or Viking, although I considered it for the gas cooktop.


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I love my cook top with a separate wall oven. I hate it when the oven is under the stove and someone opens the oven and I get a blast of heat in the face if I’m cooking.

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Dishwasher – - Bosch

Refrigerator – - Samsung

Gas Cooktop – - LG

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I don’t like my Bosch dishwasher. Whatever soap I use, some of the time it gets gummed up in the dispenser and the dispenser doesn’t open. Also, it takes forever to run.

I had a Kitchen-Aid in Florida and liked it better.

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Yes. I’m all for having them.

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Dishwasher – Whirlpool

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I second @janbb on the Bosch. My brother has one and has had nothing but trouble with it. He has had the repairman there at least 7 times.
I have the french door fridge and wish I had never bought it. It’s a pain in my opinion. You almost always have to open both doors because the door on the left doesn’t shut completely unless door on right is opened and closed after left door.

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Fancy is not always better. I have a GE profile double door that is gorgeous but a total PITA….previously had the lower drawer freezer that turned into a scavenger hunt to find the stuff buried in the bottom drawer. Top freezer puts everything at eye level. Just splurge on the water/icemaker…best part of any fridge. I would match colors and manufacturers from there on out. Mixing manufacturers would lend confusion to the eye appeal of the kitchen.

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Two appliances I refuse to go cheap on are the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. There is a huge difference between a $400–500 dishwasher and a $1500 dishwasher. The better dishwasher you don’t have to wash your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. A good stainless steel auto reversing garbage disposal at least 1 horsepower can save you tons of aggravation.
I have been happy with the Kenmore Elite and the Kenmore Pro line of appliances.

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Front loader for you washer.

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@trailsillustrated, the last two front loaders I have had have developed an awful smell. I clean the gasket use the cleaning disks they sell and they still make the clothes stink. The only thing that has worked is to pre wash every load with white vinegar. I did have a top loading once with no agitator that was supposed to work like a front loader and I had no problem with that one.
I’ll never buy another front loader again and the one I have that’s only a year old is about to get sent to the curb.
@JLeslie, consider a counter depth refrigerator. It might limit your options but it looks so much sleeker and almost built in compared to a standard refrigerator that protrudes from the cabinets.

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Thanks everyone, very helpful!

I was considering trying a Bosch dishwasher, but had some reservations, so I think you all helped me decide not to get one. My second choice is Kitchen Aid, but I am definitely getting the GE Advantium ovens for my husband, so there will be some mixing and matching if I do that. So frustrating. I wrought I was going to get everything Kitchen Aid, but my husband really liked the Advantium we had in our last house.

I am worried about having to open both French doors constantly so @Cruiser‘s answer really helped because no one is listening to me (again) out here in real life, and I was just doing that trip on myself where I don’t listen to myself and this helps me go with my gut.

@Judi I had the architect make the space for the fridge sink back into the wall so I can buy a bigger fridge and it will still look flush, or almost flush with the counter. I have no idea what garbage disposal they are giving me, but I would be pretty sure it is inferior. I already decided I am going to change it if it sucks.

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