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Does anyone like their smooth top electric stove?

Asked by JLeslie (65190points) October 14th, 2012

I have never met someone who raves about their smooth top electric stove. In fact, quite the contrary most people complain about theirs, especially about cleaning it. The one I owned when I lived in North Carolina was really bad. The heat went off and on, and it took forever for water to boil. I had the same brand again (GE. I dislike most GE appliances) and the newer model worked better, so I guess they had a lot of compaints and improved it.

In my current house I have a gas stove, but there is a good chance on my next move I will wind up with electric again. If you like your smooth top I would be iterested to know what brand and model you have.

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I hate Electric stoves, period.

The glass top ones (which is here currently, also a GE ) are horrible. If anything spills or boils over, it can get fused to the glass if the heat is high enough. Then the only solution is a razor blade.

In your next move, if you can’t get gas for whatever reason and must get an electric cooktop, check out the facts about induction cooktops.

It has even more controllability than even gas and really precise temperature control. And they’re the absolutely fastest for boiling water.

It is more expensive, but in my opinion, more than worth it.

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@Buttonstc Don’t the induction stoves require pots and pans to be made out of specific materials?

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I do not like electric stoves and I never have. I lived in a rented house for several months with one of those stoves and I learned to use a microwave for nearly all my cooking.

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Yes, but as long as they stick to a magnet, they’re fine. Off the top of my head that includes Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Enamel coated iron or steel (like the Emile Henry) and other brands of Dutch Ovens and cookware.

There are numerous cookware companies which have induction cookware lines. Some are less expensive than others and are available with non-stick interiors as well as regular.

And you can pick up cast iron for cheap either new or at flea markets.

Another option is to get a mixed cooktop with one or two regular electric until you build up your induction cookware.

Interestingly, most people like the induction so much, the regular electric burners hardly get used.

Take a look at some of the threads about it on the Chowhound boards. Interesting.

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Not here. I hate all electric stoves. Gas all the way. I have been looking into getting a nuwave oven and have read many recommendations for it. I like that some people say that it is great because he keeps your home from smelling and from overheating when cooking. If it is as great as they make it out to be than I may switch to using this more than my gas stove or oven. It is suppose to bake in half the time as well and leave your meat juicy and browned.
Only thing, is that most people say it does not bake, biscuits or cakes or pies, like the commercials says it does. But does work great for meats, poultry, fish, and veggies. So you may want to try that if you get a place with an electric stove.

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Gas fan here too. @Pandora The Nuwave sounds intriguing, never heard of it.

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Interestingly enough, this company has just started TV advertising a new product. It’s a single unit induction burner.

The main reason I haven’t bought it is because this company has so many complaints registered against if for deceptive billing charges for their “additional shipping” mumbo jumbo.

If I do decide to do business with them, I’ll get a single use card which they can’t add any charges to retroactively as they have done with numerous other people.

Caveat emptor.

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I don’t cook much with my induction cooktop but it seems to work great. It is kind of a pain to clean because it gets streaky but the housekeeper comes once a week and makes it look nice. Food doesn’t burn to the cooktop because the cooktop doesn’t heat up, the pan does.
Chances are you already have some pans that will work.

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After following @Buttonstc‘s thread, I’m now fairly certain that ours is a radiant and not induction cooktop. It gets used almost daily. Clean-up has never been a hassle, and this is coming from a sloppy cook. In fact, it is much easier than cleaning coils and drip pans. I have never had to scrape spills off of the surface.

As for the make and model, I’ll let you know when I have a chance to look it up. It’s in England though, so the brand may not be one sold in the US.

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I’ll add, since we are also talking about various stoves and ovens, that I own an Advantium and my husband loves it. I like it. I “bake” frozen rising crust and regular pizzas, baked potatoes, frozen chicken fingers and a few other things in it, and everything turns out well cooked. I have never baked a chicken in it, but a friend of mine has, and she said it came out good. One negative about the oven is it is very noisy (or at least my oldish model is) while baking. It is fairly quiet when in microwave mode.

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I hated mine. I have gas now, and it so much better.

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We have had an Electrolux with ceramic top for three years works great. The ovens ( two ) make baking a pie and roasting a turkey ( Thanksgiving is coming ) at the same time easy.

Ceramic top cleans up with 3M ScotchBryte scrubber and Cerama cream paste.

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You are sounding like a housewife!!

I can only really say I have used electric. That is what we use over here. I recall in the UK my mom always having Gas. I had a friend who lived out in the bush, and she used Gas, I’d say hands down the food tasted better. I don’t know how exactly. But it did.

I am a bit fearful of gas though. Perhaps because I don’t realize how safe or unsafe it is to use.

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@Shippy If you are talking about me, I was the oldest of five kids and learned how to cook and do general housekeeping early. My mother had a mangle iron a commercial type iron. I use to do the ironing for the household if my mom didn’t have the time.

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@Tropical_Willie My mother had a mangle. It was a small one that fitted between two sinks. She also had a scrubbing board which was wavy glass set in a wooden frame. There was also a gas fired boiler for heating water. Happy days? I think they were.

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@Tropical_Willie No! apologies, I was talking to @JLeslie since her earlier question asked how much a housewife is worth. Or to that effect.

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Oh. LOL. Right, I did ask a lot of house oriented questions today, I didn’t even notice the connection.

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@Buttonstc and @Coloma , If you are worried about being ripped off, they also sell it at Macys Dept store. It cost a little more but you don’t have to worry about not being able to return it if it is defective or being charge incorrectly on your credit for it.

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Ironing? Surely you all jest. lol
I haven’t used an iron since about 1980 and only because my ex needed his shirts pressed.
Much after that it was the dry cleaners all the way.
OMG…I was little miss iron maid in the 70’s. Once my mother washed every curtain in the house and had me iron them. I cry abuse! haha

@Pandora Good to know! I have a Macys about an hour from me.

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There are quite a lot of dept. stores which sell single burner units; K-Mart, Sears and Walmart just to mention a few.

Do you know the brand name of the one sold at Macys? Is it the NuWave one or another brand?

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That single induction is pretty cool. I never even thought of it. Seems much safer than an electric or gas burner. I wonder how big a solar panel would need to be to power it?

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I was referring to the Nuwave one.

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to check to see where the nearest Macys is to me. There used to be one in Pontiac but it’s been closed since before I moved here.

The only part of of their TV offer that I found attractive was the free cookware that came along with their two for one order. But then they do all the funny stuff with the postage add ons.

I don’t know why they pull that crap. They have a really good product that’s gotten great write ups from everyone who has used it and they wouldn’t get such a crappy reputation if they would just be straightforward about the pricing instead of playing games.

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