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Did your parents, or any of the student's parents, go to their prom?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) May 13th, 2014

Just curious. This stupid story is circulating about a girl getting kicked out of her own prom because “fathers were lusting after her.” Parents don’t go to prom! You have a handful of teachers to keep any eye on things, but having your parents there would totally ruin it!

Or is your experience different?

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That would be worse than Carrie being there #bucketofpigblood

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Nope; my parents didn’t go to my proms and I didn’t go to my daughter’s prom. I did, however, go to her friend’s house for mass picture taking with several other kids and parents.

Is this the link?

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It was a homeschool prom. The parents are the teachers.

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Ok then there are some sick, immature sons of a bitches home schooling their little girls.

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My mom went to hers. My dad was at Paris Island getting ready for a once in a lifetime hiking and camping tour of the South Sea islands with a bunch of other guys. I didn’t go to mine either.

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Sorry, I did not read anything about dad’s lusting…just that a teen with an overactive imagination was probably dancing provocatively and the dad’s did not approve. She also has monkey feet….eeew

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@Cruiser I agree. It may have been the case that they were indeed lusting, but the way the article is presented it is only her side of the story and who knows how jaded that may be.

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@Cruiser I noticed her feet, too! So funny. I was going to comment that all she had to do to get the dads to stop looking at her is take off her shoes.

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@GloPro lmao The real story is she got booted from the prom for taking off her shoes

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Maybe parents should go to the prom, to fight off lusting fathers!!

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