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Which of the bands you like do you believe sounds better in live performances than they did on the album?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 14th, 2014

When it comes to bands I like, many don’t improve my enjoyment of the song when playing live. However, a few often sounded better in live performances then on the album (which was still great), the Canadian band Rush is one of them. Is there a band that you like where you find yourself saying they sound better live than on the album? Link the performance if possible so we all might get a sample.

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I saw Heart a few years ago. Ann Wilson is amazing in concert.

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Mahogony Rush. Check out Child of a Novelty

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I stopped seeing Rush in the late ‘90s because Geddy just can’t hit the notes anymore. He does an OK job of altering the melody to accommodate his lessened vocal range, but it just isn’t the same as in the early ‘80s when his voice was in its prime.

I don’t attend many large-venue concerts anymore because I can’t tolerate the traffic and crowds. My fiancé and I go to smaller shows and we enjoy it. I love The Wood Brothers, and they are amazing live – the studio records are very good, but don’t do them justice. Brandi Carlile and her band are also really good in the studio, but phenomenal live. I personally prefer jazz live, because I enjoy the interaction of the artists and the fullness of the sound.

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I was once a big Prince fan. While I liked his albums, he was amazing live. Far better than any album.

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Three – a Prog project from Woodstock, NY, sounds way heavier live than they do on the album. And Joey Eppard is an amazing frontman. It’s a real joy to watch.

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