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Suggestions on a thank you gift for my boss?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) May 16th, 2014

So I recently graduated from college and since my sophomore year I have been working as a student assistant in my major school. I have yet to find a full time job, so until I do, my old/current boss said that I could continue working the student assistant job (even though I technically am not a student anymore) by hiring me as a temp. Through my entire time working there, with all of my ups and downs and setbacks, she has always reserved a place for me there and ALWAYS makes sure I get plenty of hours. She has been a shoulder to cry on and has been super supportive of me. She always has looked out for me more than any of the other assistants, and when I leave at the end of the summer I wanted to give my thanks. I’m giving everyone in the office thank you notes, but I really wanted to give her something extra (that wasn’t a gift card). I’m just not sure what to get, especially since I need to keep it within a pretty small budget. Any suggestions?

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l big thank you for starters. I’m not sure about your company but I was in the same situation several years ago and I could not because of some ethics rules. I did buy him a couple beers though.

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A potted plant for her office or a spa massage.

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I think technically you’re not supposed to give the boss a gift, (but people do as sometimes the boss is more than just a boss, like this case). I would think either a plant for her office or bake her something (cookies for example). Something that is personal yet inexpensive.

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On a small budget something you’ve made would be good. Like baked goods. That’ll touch anyone.

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Actually, what would be better is to bake something for the whole office and set it out with a nice card to everyone, Thank you so much for your support, etc. etc. Maybe put it in a nice basket so it looks really pretty, too. Then they will all say how nice you are.

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Bake a cake/invite her to dinner, plus some roses

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A cute watch can do.

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Romantic movie at the cinema.

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Hey, a customised hand made gift card can be wonderful too. Everyone likes to receive sincere compliments. This is your chance to express your gratitude and how have inspired you to be better. You could also add their favourite potted flower plant.

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How about getting her stuff with her favorite color? Like a mug or candles, candy, a t-shirt, and stuff like that? Or you could find out her address and order a large pizza just for her! That’s what I’d do!

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Serious option.
A handwritten heartfelt letter. Also, I would think back to all of those times where she’s been there for you and choose something personal. Like a mug from the cafe where you’d have your talks. Or a book from an author that she’s mentioned

Not so serious option.
Make her a custom hoodie or tee shirt declaring her awesomeness.

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