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Is the iPhone 4 too slow ?

Asked by DipanshiK (818points) May 16th, 2014 from iPhone

My iphone 4 is not running quite well. May be it’s because of the iOS 7 update.
It’s stucking on screen and blacking out, also force closes sometimes. Guys what do you think is the reason behind all this ? And please give suggestions to improve its performance.

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I had some odd problems a few months ago with my iPhone 4s. Camera was wonky, wouldn’t hold many songs, closing by itself.

I restored my phone from iTunes, and it has worked great ever since.

One hint, make sure when you sync your phone that you eject it from iTunes every time. It has kept my phone from getting wonky again.

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@DipanshiK – I’m inclined to say yes, minus maybe email, light web-surfing (although even that could choke it up), texting and phone calls (lol). Consider that there’s the 4, 4s, 5 and 5s, so you’re looking at many versions behind. Still, though, Apple products do seem to stand the test of time. I’m still using an imac from 2009, and its been acting a little strange, but all together I can still see getting another couple of years out of it. I’d reccommend what @zenvelo said – try to restore it in iTunes. (Back it up, first, of course.) That might obliterate some of the little gremlins that might’ve popped up. Hope that helps!

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@serenityNOW yes I agree iphone 4 has been there for quite a bit of time and that can be a possible reason for the inconvinience.

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This is what happens when you use something that has been deprecated and superseded by a few generations. An 800 MHz single-core cannot compete with a 1.3 GHz dual-core of similar design. As the A7 in current iPhones is a souped-up, modernized A4 (the chip in the iPhone 4), it’s inevitable that the A4 going to be slow when running stuff meant for a faster chip.

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I have a iPhone 4 running iOS 7. It still works fine for browsing and Facetime and Oplayer and Plex. It isn’t super-fast but it works.

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They did the update, and changed the way you close programs, then didn’t tell anyone how to do it.
It may be that you have several programs running at the same time.
Press the home button twice. It should display every page you have open. Flick them towards the top of the screen to close them.

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@filmfann thankyou I was already aware of that. I did the update and practically murdered my phone out of curiosity.

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