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Why is it a big deal to have naked pictures online?

Asked by marksonos (298points) May 16th, 2014

If you had somewhat provocative pictures online, what the big deal? Why is everyone so conservative about it? If the photos are taken nicely by a great photographer , why not? It’s not like you are flashing your vagina or penis…

I am only asking because I had a shoot done two days ago and I only started to worry about it. I can’t sleep, eat, I don’t know what to do! I am an artist myself so I won’t work in a business environment… But still, whats the big deal? Why am I feeling this shitty, I don’t want to feel this way. I am fine with being photographed without a shirt on, but why is the society making me feel this way :(?

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Having naked pictures of you taken is different than having naked pictures of yourself online.

It’s less about being conservative and more about control of your own image. As an artist, I’m sure you can appreciate this.

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The trouble, as with anything online, is that you give up control over how it’s distributed. Anyone can find it, and anyone can download it, so if ever decide you don’t want it out there anymore, there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it 100%. It’s irreversible.

Now that becomes irrelevant to you if you simply don’t care about who accesses it. If you’re of the mind that there isn’t anything wrong with nudity, then the reasons I gave above likely aren’t going to really bother you.

But unfortunately the state of society is such that naked pictures online, even artful ones, could harm your job prospects. Which I personally think is dumb, but my opinion doesn’t change the fact that’s true.

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Sometimes it IS like you are flashing your penis or vagina in a sexual way. That’s porn.
In an artistic way, it’s nudity.

Both are available online, and I don’t consider either to be a big deal. If someone sees the porn it’s his/her choice to look. If you knowingly engaged in porn, it’s your choice to be seen… Forever. As is everything on the Internet.

It’s up to us as individuals to decide what our line in the sand for eternity is. Once crossed, it’s too late.

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It might come up when you become a judge or government.

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Everyone else has given great answers, I’d just add, are you comfortable with family members perhaps seeing you nude online?
Would you be comfortable turning one of your pictures into a card to send grandma & grandpa? lol

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Anything you put online is free game for anyone. And that means ANYONE. How would you like to go to a job interview and the person interviewing you has seen the pics? How would you like the interviewer to be thinking “I know she has nice tits, what else can I get here.” or “I wonder what she would do to keep these pics from her family.” That’s about as crude as I could put it, but you need to wake up and smell the roses.

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^^ those threats lose their power if you simply don’t care though. Not everybody is ashamed of their nudity and will be willing to go to great lengths to prevent the spread of pics. Putting nude pics online is only safe if you’re somebody who can’t be blackmailed by them.

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but why is the society making me feel this way :(?

Society is not making you feel any way. the only person who can make you feel is you. If you have decided to accepted every little incredibly stupid judgment society makes, then you deserve to feel shitty. Not because of whatever society is belittling, but because you have allowed yourself to become a slave to society.

I say fuck society, if they can’t take a joke. And I certainly will never live anyway but mine.

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@Mariah You and I are okay with it, but in some cultures that can get you killed. There are still places with honor killings. I like the new avatar. :)

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What about classical art – paintings and sculpture? The nude is literally the symbol of fine art.

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True, but posting naked pictures of oneself online is not really art. haha

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Coloma: I did not know we were discussing selfies That’s a whole new phenomenon I don’t get.

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@non_omnis_moriar I wasn’t, necessarily, just posting nekkid photos, selfies, or otherwise. It’s a jungle out there these days. haha

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