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Do you make your bed every day (or, if your spouse does it, I guess a better way to ask would be "Is your bed made every day?")?

Asked by jca (35976points) May 17th, 2014

Do you sleep in a “made bed” every day?

My bed is only made if either the cleaning lady comes and makes it or if I’m expecting company.

I’m making it today because I’m having a party for my daughter, and although the party is going to be nearby, some people still may stop over afterwards. Last night it was made because the cleaning lady was here (every two weeks).

Otherwise, never! I do love sleeping in a made bed, however. I like when the sheets are nice and smooth.

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I never make my bed. It just seems so pointless with all the other things I have to do in a day.

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Almost never.

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Yes – it takes five minutes, looks better and is more comfortable to get into at night.

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Usually not, because there is typically a cat still lounging and taunting us with their sleepy eyes.

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Every single day

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When I was a bachelor I only straightened my top sheet and blanket when I got up. Now my wife makes it every morning, with a comforter covering two large pillows that we don’t use at night and three small pillows in front of them. She puts the pillow we sleep on in the closet. When she is away visiting friends or family and staying overnight, I make the bed the way she does.

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Every single never. I do change my bedding frequently, though.

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Bottom fitted sheet, top sheet and comforter. Two seconds to pull up. I have never understood the point of lots of huge throw pillows, unused and tossed on the floor at night.

Milo sleeps on the bed, made or unmade. He doesn’t care.

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@gailcalled Frodo would sneak into my room, jump on the bed and steal the stuffed penguin I sleep with.

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^^ Speaking of the Frodes, see emails.

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Still a habit. Hospital Corners and all.

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Always. With 4 throw pillows.

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I get into bed at night and read with my two sham covered pillows behind me, then toss them off the bed for sleeping.

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Usually only at night, before I go to sleep.

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I don’t have any blankets, so all I do is make sure the bottom sheet stays on. The top sheet and the pillow stay on top.

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Rarely. I usually leave my bed the way it is everytime I use it. Making the bed is just a waste of time and it’s quicker and more convenient to just jump onto the bed and sleep than having to put everything out whenever I go to bed. Seeing everything (pillows, blankets, teddy bear) in the “sleeping” position gives me a sense of welcoming.

The only occasions when I make my bed are when I have to change the sheet or I have to lead someone to my bedroom. I don’t even make my bed when my best friend comes because she know me too well, and her bed is no better than mine :p

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I straighten the bed covers out, I’m assuming that’s what you mean? I actually change the sheets and covers once a week.

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Most days, occasionally not. If the cats are still sleeping I leave it. Wouldn’t want to disturb the royalty. haha

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It’s one of the first things that I do in the morning. Looking at a messy bed all day would drive me crazy.

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I always make my bed. It’s fun going into a made bed at night, plus I like making it just so I can handle the blankets, comforter and pillows. Really has nothing to do with looks, although I do like my place to be neat and clean.

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I prefer made but the Mr. Hyde side of me prefers chaos and he always wins. :)

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No, because I don’t like to sleep in a made bed—I sleep weirdly with my feet wrapped up in the blanket. I will only make my bed if people are coming over or if I need the bed for something else.

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Hahahaha…Make the bed. That’s so rich!

Every now and then I straighten the sheets and flip the comforter onto them, but i hate tucked in sheets, so no way Jose!

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I always make the bed. Then I kick everything to the floor in my sleep.

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Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
Exhibit 3

Taken two months before this Q was asked.

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Not really. I still sleep in a twin-sized bed at home, but since my sheets and comforter are made for a full-sized bed they don’t fit quite right.

Even if I did take the time to make the bed, my significant other would instantly jostle the sheets, comforter, and pillows the second they get into bed. One of my nicknames for them is chinchilla because it’s like they took a dust bath in my sheets.

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I make the bed daily as a matter of discipline. There are many nights when I don’t get to sleep in the bed, but the wife runs off knowing that “Stan will do it”. It’s irritating that she gets away with it, but if this is the worst of her faults, then once more, I’m a lucky man.

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I make my bed right before I go to sleep, lol, I’m weird like that.

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ANd why is there a phone in the bed?!

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Is Milo a good sized cat? looks like he would take his half out of the middle of the bed.

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I only make the bed when I put fresh sheets on. I prefer sheets tucked, the S/O is untucked. The bed is always a mess. If people come over, I just shut that door.

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No. I do tidy it up before we get in to it again at the end of the day. Only so we both have a fair share of sheet, blanket and there are no feet sticking out of the end.

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My bed has a duvet on it (I have no idea what you call them in the US) and there are no sheets to tuck in, so “making the bed” just means pulling it back over the bed and straightening it up. It takes about five seconds and I do it when I get out of bed in the morning.

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My bed is made up nicely this morning for the cats to lounge on all afternoon while I am out. ‘Myles”, in my avatar is pillow cat, he likes to prop himself up on the throw pillows as you can see. Gotta make the bed for his majesties comfort. haha

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