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If society crumbled how much of it can you restore from memory?

Asked by talljasperman (21744points) May 20th, 2014

What can you restore from scratch, from tool making to cutural aspects of society?

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Me personally? Probably nothing really.

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@Darth_Algar Yes… thank you for answering

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A single Galtian superman could restore everything using the sheer force of his will and intellect. All that’s needed is a small, robust central government, a police force, a subdued labor force, gold preferably in bullion form, and a simple user manual.

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I’m not so sure it hasn’t crumbled already :/

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How about a new religion, folks? It’s got ideals, ethics, code of conduct, law and a culture wide super star(s).

Nah terrible idea… I’ll go with Art. An outlet, hope, requires creativity and best blended with function.

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I’m a pretty capable guy with a good understanding of physics, chemistry and engineering. Given enough time I could probably make any of the devices you see in a mid 19th century setting. Think Steam Punk. I’m sure I could get a group of about 50–100 people to that level.
Anything beyond must be left to younger and more capable hands.

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Speaking for myself, it would be better if the society crumbles because it’s not really worth it sometimes. Pretty devious on that.

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