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How is the fate of Christopher Pike reconciled between the Original Series and the J.J.Abrahms film?

Asked by SecondHandStoke (9492points) May 20th, 2014

This is what I get for being a reasonable Star Trek spectator instead of a nearly psychotic fan.

Can someone help me out?

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Yes. You cannot reconcile the differences in Pike’s life as Star Trek is just a TV show/ movie. It isn’t real, and the writers can do anything.
We’re just lucky they didn’t make Chris a transsexual rock being.

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What happens in the original series?

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The (new) movies take place in an alternate timeline, so while there are similarities, the story line is not held to ‘historical’ accuracy.

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@syz has it correct. This is an alternate universe because the first “new” star trek showed the timeline being changed by the romulan ship. They don’t have to reconcile anything after the death of Kirks father.

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@syz This is what happens to Pike in the original series.
Theoretically, the new movies take place in an alternate universe, but actually they are taking place in the vomit filled subway toilet we call Hollywood Script Writing.

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I agree with @syz about the movie being in an alternate reality. As a lover of the original series, I had trouble at first reconciling the differences and then finally I realized—Hey, it’s just a movie.

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