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A website that I really like isn't able to display on Internet Explorer. What could the reasons be?

Asked by rockfan (6927points) May 22nd, 2014

But for some reason, the website appears on my iPhone on Google Chrome.

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What version of internet explorer are using? I have IE 11 and it displays fine.

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I’ll ignore the fact that there really is no reason to use IE. But I cracked open IE to test the site, and it seems to load fine (although the site is a bit messy) in IE 11.

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The website is using ”.php” and may not work if your IE is lower than IE 11.

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A website that I really like isn’t able to display on Internet Explorer. What could the reasons be?

Internet explorer is a piece of shit.

That was simple.

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I was able to pull it up with no issues.

I really don’t understand all the hate towards IE. I genuinely have no issues with it.

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….no issues.

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@PriceisRightx26 The security or lack there of…

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I don’t have the new 8.1 Windows, so I can’t get the new Internet Explorer. So I guess I have to buy new software to view certain websites.

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^ The preferred browsers are Chrome and Firefox. This is what people use to browse the web, and they are free. No need to buy anything. Seriously, there is no need for IE.

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I just downloaded Chrome, and the website still won’t work. Must be something wrong with my connection.

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