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How do I save an entire website to my computer?

Asked by Northstate (92points) January 8th, 2008

I am trying to save an entire website to my computer for offline viewing. It is a small site and couldn’t be more thana Mb or two. My parents don’t have internet at their house, uet would like to see a particular website. Anyone know a way to do this with functioning links, etc? Thanks in advance!!!

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BTW – I know how to save entire pages. I was just wanting the links to function as they are supposed to. Thanks again!

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If you’re on a Mac, there’s an excellent donation-ware application called SiteSucker. For Windows, there’s HTTrack, an open source offline web site viewer.

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@chaosrob – Thanks a bunch! That’ll work out perfectly!

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HTTrack is highly recommended. You could also try backstreet browser

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