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I can't get to Google or Gmail?

Asked by ram201pa (606points) January 23rd, 2010

Help! I cannot get to the Google or Gmail web sites. I get page can’t be displayed. It started two weeks ago and only to these sites. I did not do anything different as far as setups are concerned. I am running XP, IE 8 and Norton. My IE security is set medium-high and privacy at medium. I even tried adding it to Trusted Sites…no help. Thoughts, anyone?

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Some sites restrict use if you don’t allow cookies, you might try allowing cookies for those sites?

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Try a ping. Sometimes the servers are down. On Windows, go to Start, Run, enter “cmd” without the quotes, and when you get the black window type “ping” again without the quotes at the prompt.

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Working OK in Boston.

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cookies may be the problem. Tell you the truth, I don’t know much about them. Also, it could be your web internet browser so you can download google chrome, it’s newer. But these are just suggestions, I don’t know if they will actually work.

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Look here. Try using Chome for Firefox instead of IE.

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@Bugabear Probably just Chrome. :P

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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