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Have you noticed this?

Asked by Unbroken (10704points) May 22nd, 2014

It seems there are a few possibly rascist individuals on Fluther who view the Chinese as “our sworn enemy”.. did I miss something vital? Where does this idea stem from? Does the term Chinese mean China as a nation, it’s people or is it just a blanket term for Asians?

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It would help greatly if you provided links to support your need to ask this question.

China is indeed a threat on multiple levels but certainly not an enemy no matter how you color the dynamics at play. China owns our debt, provides cheaper solutions to our consumer demands across the board and outsource a growing portion of our manufacturing. Our real enemy is Congress and the Federal regulations that hog tie our ability for domestic production to compete with the China “threat”

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China is a capitalist military dictatorship. There are plenty of reasons to think it’s a fucked up place,

People common assume because a country is fucked up, its people all are. Not defending that, but I wouldn’t call this racism per se.

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Yes Chyna is my sworn enemy. She’s cold and heartless and I will take her out if it’s the last thing I do.

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I know plenty of people from China and several Americans who live in China. As long as you don’t cause trouble it’s all good. Disagree with the Gov’t then watch out. China is like that bitchy high maintenance girlfriend that’ll put out when things are going her way but won’t hesitate to put you on the couch when they are not. It’s a messed up place but most of the people are good. They are not our allies like Japan. China is out for itself and itself only.

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Hey, my daughter’s from China. I didn’t realize she was the enemy.
actually, that explains a lot

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The Chinese government are big assholes in my opinion, but I feel bad for the people there who have to live under such an aristocratic ideologue. They execute their own people for lame offenses, restricting free speech, punishing criticism and so on. Maybe all world governments are bad in some way, but some are still worse than others in my opinion.

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Have you ever watched the organ harvesting? Barbaric to say the least.

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The death vans are kept on hand just for this. They execute their own citizens for minor drug and other offenses. Their labor laws appear to suck too, hence the suicide nets.

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@Adirondackwannabe I am not the enemy!

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In your bio you say, “Since Alice had never received any religious instruction…” /which you then attribute to Karl Vonnegut

Don’t you mean Kurt Vonnegut?

Are you sure you haven’t misconstrued my statements that the Chinese are our sworn enemies as racism?
Do you even know what racism means.
Are the Chinese a race unto themselves?

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Answer from someone who lives near China: have you taken the fact that China is messing up my country and trying to invade us bit by bit into account?

Hint: the recent oil rig China has built is close to our country’s sea.

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@Mimishu1995: Yes, I know you are from Vietnam. I was referring to my actual daughter.

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@Crazydawg the first I heard of it was in the Wal-Mart thread. And has continued to pop up in unrelated threads since. I’m on my phone so I’m being a lazy linker atm.

I am learning a little about economics and this isnt actually fact about whether their taking over manufacturing is harmful to the US.

We are able to buy cheaper goods so we can utilize the money that would have been reserved for these items on other things increasing our wealth.

2 By investing in America, China now has interest in seeing us do well rather then tearing us down. Besides we buy what they manufacture and they buy other commodities from us. We are both invested in each others future.

3 Our limited resources, land, employees, etc can be redirected towards developing technologies that spur innovation and growth.

The basic idea of global free market… Which according to theory you are correct, tariffs and other obstacles the government institutes actually hamper the self regulation of a free market.

I’m not claiming to right. I realize a little knowledge can do a lot of damage… But it makes sense. It does mean some uncomfortable readjusting in the meantime…. But still viewing china as a threat seems over zealous.

@bolwerk I see your point. I don’t know much about their culture. But rumors of their work conditions and labor laws seem to paint a gruesome picture.

Awh… If I put a dog in the room with you two @Adirondackwannabe and @Chyna what will happen?

@cookieman Hmm tough one. Best plan turn the sleeper agent into a double agent.

@ARE_you_kidding_me But aren’t we all?

@Paradox25 I wish I did know more about their culture. I consider the government and the citizens seperate entities though. I am sure we could come up with a list of horrors our modern governments have enacted but they do seem more open about it. I haven’t seen any propaganda that touts them as humane.

@Dan_Lyons You are right I did mean Kurt Vonnegut. And yes I have read a few of his books of which slaughter house five is the most recognizable.

To clarify I will redirect you to the OP where I said “a few” and “possibly” racist. I was not just referring to you. And racism is prejuidice against a race.

@Mimishu1995 I suppose it is hard to remain objective when you have someone pounding at your door.

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@Unbroken You should check out the Sirens of Titan and Jailbird (although every book I have read of Karl’s Kurt’s is incredible).

P.S. China is not a race. Making statements against China is like making statements against the US.
Here are some of the ethnic groups in China:

The major minority ethnic groups are Zhuang (16.9 million), Hui (10.5 million), Manchu (10.3 million), Uyghur (10 million), Miao (9.4 million), Yi (8.7 million), Tujia (8.3 million), Tibetan (6.2 million), Mongol (5.9 million), Dong (2.8 million), Buyei (2.8 million), Yao (2.7 million), Bai (1.9 million), Korean (1.8 million), Hani (1.6 million), Li (1.4 million), Kazakh (1.4 million), and Dai (1.2 million).

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@Dan_Lyons he is a beautifully unique writer. I would have liked to meet him in person.

As to the racism statement I guess I used it for lack of a better term. What would you call someone who was prejuidiced against Americans? It’s the same concept. Like you said but I can’t think of a better word.

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Gosh, you have made me go and study about racism vs prejudice. I would say prejudice is the word you want to use to describe my antipathy towards the Chinese taking over the world and the US, at least financially for now.

Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another.

Prejudice is different. Prejudice is the pre-judging of a situation or person based upon less than all the facts. Prejudice is a survival mechanism. It developed to keep us safe: If you see a lion charging at you, you will automatically assume it is going to eat you. It may actually be coming up to lick your face, but our assumption is that a charging lion wants to eat us. This is prejudice, and it kept our distant ancestors on the African Savannah alive.

So I guess it is a little less unflattering to be accused of prejudice vs. racist.

Now get back on your bio and change Karl to Kurt.

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I don’t think most people in America think of the Chinese as a sworn enemy. Many people are upset about a lot of our manufacturing leaving the US and moving to China. A lot of the products are inferior (not the fault of China, the companies give China the specs) and it impacts our economy because people lost jobs. We see some of Chinas practices as inhumane, but of course parts of the world see some of the things that America does as inhumane. There have been reports of a lack of quality control and regulation on products coming out of China. Like medication that does not actually have the medication in the pill.

However, I don’t get the impression Americans dislike Chinese people or consider the people of the country an enemy. I have always had positive thoughts and interactions with Chinese people.

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The Americans who realize that much of our price of living costs have risen enormously because of the new middle class in China which we are funding (hahaha paying for our own increases in gas, oil, autos etc etc…) know that they are an enemy.

It isn’t the Chinese people per se whom those of us who realize what is really going on dislike, it is their government and our own rat bastard wealthy elite who outsourced all those jobs to China years ago.

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Hmm.. I’m gonna let my mind wander on this. There is a the idea that fear is the primary motivator. That our capacity for fear is larger then any other animals and that it has led to innovation. At this point they like to throw in words like eustress etc. But even the researchers will go on to point out that long term fear and stress is harmful to our bodies. Theat isn’t even going into maladaptive behavoirs. Behavoirs that we as individuals but also applicable to societies coping mechanisms that are no longer needed yet the adaptive behavoir remains and causes its own problems… In individual terms it would be called failure to thrive.

But there is another school of thought that there is no such thing as good stress. I am using stress and fear interchangeably because one causes or preempts the other.
Progress comes recognizing and identifying the source of our fear evaluating it accepting it if we can’t change it or thinking outside the box…. For this I have terms like active insight etc…

But to put it simply by treating China like the enemy we are making them the enemy. Hostile environments do not inspire or kindle anythong but a return of antipathy. So what has China done to America that makes it our enemy? Is prejuidice helpful at this point, how does it solve the issues you would like to address.

You mention jobs. Do you want to work in a factory? Do you think items would be less expensive if they were created here? What with minimum wage, benefits, insurance and all sorts of permits and licensing? Do you not think the Chinese should be entitled to make a sembelance of a living? The conditions and wages they have and still face are truly wretched. Beyond that their air is highly polluted. So really you want to being that back. Besides you were just complaining about our cost of living. If we didn’t buy from china things would be scarcer and more expensive. But that isn’t what you want… So really you are just looking for.

I admit I am confused. I do understand your frustration. Things used to be easier. We grew accustomed to our own elitism. But having a scape goat to rail at isn’t going to so a darn thing.

By the way justifying racism as morally better then prejudice… That is a new one.

@JLeslie unfortunately I have experienced this with supplements manufactured in china. But I do think the quality of.most products Chinese or not have diminished. Maybe in the 90’s I could make that distinction based on quality. But now often as not I pick up a trinket half expecting the infamous made in china and its American or.something else entirely.

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The mental image of @chyna & @A-Dire-Dick getting it on, just brought up a little vomit :D
China has replaced Russia as the “dark force” in the world, at least in the minds of the paranoid.

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HUGS @ucme!!!!!!! That’s it! That’s all I wanted to know.

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@Unbroken Are you saying you agree it is the vendor specs and not that it is made in China in terms of quality? I’m not sure what you are getting at in what you directed towards me.

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@JLeslie in the case of supplements I would say it is lack of over all specs.

I talked to a doctor who investigated different brands for quality. Now I do have to operate on trust but he said the whole thing was a scam. There was only one brand that met the standards of what it claimed. a few more that had a couple of items that were all right. The rest were full of fillers and impurities.. I did check the doctor out and he was not affliated with the company and tried to walk a fine line of passing information on without officially endorsing it.

But that is all compleletly tangental. Over all, it is my personal opinion, that the quality of China’s products has if not improved in certain areas been maintained while the quality of products made outside of China have diminished. There are exceptions… The sandal-black foot thing, the sheetrock thing. Tainted infant formula though that is not limited to China, etc…

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@Unbroken Supplements? As in vitamins and minerals and herbs?

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Yes, sorry I’m often imprecise.

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One other thing. Because of the Chinese government’s complete lack of pollution control measures, Chinese manufacturing has caused air, land and sea pollution in ten short years that quite easily rivals the pollution the US manufacturing created in a 25 year period before the Chinese became our outsource partner.
As such they are actually a sworn enemy of the earth itself (as is the US for its part in outsourcing to them knowing this would be the result and for causing such incredible pollution on our side of the globe).

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@Unbroken Supplements are not well regulated by American laws. I was talking about medicine that is important to keep someone alive like diabetic medicine, medicine for liver problems, kidney, chemotherapies. Drugs that people die from or become very I’ll if the proper amount of active ingredients are not present. Of course we want our supplements to actually be what they say also, I am not saying we don’t, but I was talking about medications strictly governed by laws that still do not comply.

Edit: a link regarding China and pharmaceuticals.

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Huh @JLeslie I was not aware of that. Scary.

@Dan_Lyons…. Sigh… I gave you that… They are making efforts to reduce air pollution. many more articles.

Like you said that easily could have been us.

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