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What is something fun to do when you live in the country?

Asked by bunkin (223points) July 4th, 2008

I live in Lawrenceburg tn and there is absolutely nothing to do… I need some ideas.

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Well burning things always kept me occupied until I moved out of the countryside and into the city. And seeing as it is the Fourth of July you could just claim it is in celebration of the nation.

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Sometimes I go out looking for nervous goats. I drive around out in the country and when I see some goats I hop out of my ford and run up to the fence and clap my hands. If they fall over I know i found some. Thats good fun allright. If you don’t like goats you could always go frog giggin. All you need is a gig, light, and a pond. Shine im in the eyes then stick em. Fry them up taste like chicken. Bud Light taste good with frogs. Go steal a watermelon out of someones melon patch. Stealing produce is fun. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Have your own tractor pull. Go muddin. Go down to the river get in and noodle some catfish.

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Possum chucking.

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What about taking a walk and enjoying the beauty? If you look at birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, plus the beauty of a stream. Got a camera? Take some neat, abstract pictures.

Tennessee is full of lakes. Rent a boat? Go fishing? Go swimming.

How about picking blueberries on the buffalo farm? Then you can either bake or get someone to bake a blueberry pie. I’m assuming you have done all the Davy Crockett stuff.

Hang out at the Dairy Queen with free wifi on Hwy 43 and Fluther.

How about a drive around Amish country? If there’s a place to eat there, they usually have great food for reasonable prices.

What about taking a bus trip to Nashville for the day one day?

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@bunkin: Bunkin’ is always fun. Tee-hee. :-P

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cow tipping and snipe hunting

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move to the city?

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haha battlemarz got it, i was gonna say fireworks :]

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Mailbox baseball. Drive in a car past mailboxes with one person in the passenger seat with a bat. Do what comes to mind! yeee haaaaa!!!

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@Strong and hope I am not standing at the end of my driveway with a bat of my own!!

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Have an evening picnic followed by a firefly-catching contest (to be released later, of course).

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