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What do you do after a very crappy day at work?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) May 26th, 2014

I like to spend some time alone after a very crappy day at work. What do you do?

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I also like to “spend some time alone”.

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Kick the dog, yell at my family.


It’s bike season, I commute to work on my bike. So I take the scenic route home along the beach and ride hard to tire myself out.

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Light up a big fat spliff and kick back in the hot tub.

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The same thing I do every day after work. Take a shit, grab a beer and drink it while I’m in the shower.

It makes any day better.

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When you get out of work at 11–12 at night there isn’t much to do so it generally boils down to smoke a big ol bowl or grab a beer, and more often than not, with my coworkers who also just got done a really shitty day lol.

Ah the restaurant life :P

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Look to the goodies. Ice cream. I’ve decided to plant a big red cross on the freezer. Summer’s here. So the emergency tub of frozen margaritas is also housed there.

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Talk to my husband and tell him about my day. Have a long bath. Watch crap TV.

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Hot bath and into bed with a book.

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Small ICBM again.

@ragingloli Send me your browser history.

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Glass of wine, walk or pick up a guitar

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I put a drop of whiskey in my tea!

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