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How long can you stand?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24591points) July 9th, 2022

Before getting exhausted?

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Not very long with the neuropathy in my feet.

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Not very long, with the pain in my back and hip.

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Couple of hours.
Then I’ll switch to my left leg.

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@rebbel, have you read White Lotus, by John Hersey?

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Probably about 10–15 minutes in one posture than I would need to walk or move somehow.

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@Jeruba That was my first thought!

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I don’t get exhausted. I pass out.

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@SnipSnip Me too. At night I pass out trying to get to the bathroom. My eyesight goes black and I grab the walls, while everything swirls.

I told my doctor and she will make an appointment with a heart test.

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@Jeruba @janbb I haven’t, but something tells me I should?!

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@rebbel, well, I wouldn’t say “should,” but your referencce to standing on one leg at a time brought an instant connection to White Lotus (1965) to my mind, and apparently to @canidmajor‘s too. I read it decades ago, and its impressions stay with me, even if details have faded. In the novel, the one-legged stance is a form of protest.

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It’s not exhaustion that does me in, it’s extreme pain both knees have really bad arthritis so I can only go about 20 minutes before I have to sit down.

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Stand, in one place? Without moving? A few hours. If I can walk a bit, 5–6 hours.

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Not long. I have more ailments than Carter has liver pills.

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I can walk for hours and hours. Standing in one place is more of a pain, and fortunately my endurance at that hasn’t been tested well enough for me to know what my actual limit is.

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Dunno, few hours maybe.
Standing on one leg, shifting wait, would see me acting like a demented flamingo.

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@Dutchess_III I have neuropathy in my feet, and have found great relief taking 600mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid and 1000mcg of B-12 in the morning.

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Several hours.. I did it recently during the election.

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A few hours, I assume. I’d go crazy unless I was fishing or something.

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On one foot or two feet?

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@RedDeerGuy1 Getting to the bathroom is moving. You asked about standing. My answer is about standing.

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@SnipSnip Thanks. Sorry. I can’t stand very long. I’m usually in bed or on the couch seeing that I can’t stand for very long. Maybe 3 minutes or so before I become so uncomfortable that I want to faint. I can make it to the taxi to go shopping. When I get to the store I lean on to the shopping cart for assistance, and I can go shopping for 30 minutes or so.

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^^WOW for real? why?

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@WhyNow Yes. Doctor Is putting me though heart tests to find out why. I’m waiting for an date for test.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Let us know how it goes, if you’re comfortable with that. Aren’t you in your 30’s?

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@KNOWITALL Sure I will Update Fluther. My 45th birthday is this month ,July, at 28th. I’m 44 now.

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@RedDeerGuy1 All those times you made me feel better just by making me smile.
How can I return the favor? Many here are wishing for your good health!
Allow me to be one of those. To your health, To Life!

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I can stand like that days on end. Sleeping standing up is a little known talent that I possess.

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I don’t know, since it has been years since I challenged myself to such a task, but I long to quote Popeye:
That’s all I can stands. I can’t stands no more!

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I stood for 5½ hours yesterday while using an expanding foam gun to seal my barn. A good friend came over at 7:30 AM and we worked until finished. Once you start you really should not stop until the job is done.
My 30×40 ft pole barn is now sealed tighter than a ziploc bag.

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@LuckyGuy Wow! You have a barn… with a pole! What does your wife say? And room
to store stuff. In NYC we want to safely store stuff we rent a 4 foot x 4 foot locker for
2 or 3 hundred dollars a month. If you’re one week late on rent they sell your stuff to a
tabloid.You need a special ladder to get to your locker because the first three levels
are sold out.

Also we have bigger space to store stuff. It’s called the State of New Jersey.

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@WhyNow Two poles! 14 ft long above ground!
I can store a lot of stuff – and work on all sorts of things. The front door slides open to make a 12 ft wide opening. Cars, tractors, sprayers… all sorts of things go in there. The previous owner, had horses and horse stalls 50+ years ago. I got rid of all that when I moved in.
I cleaned it and had a 10” thick concrete floor poured. It is a very solid structure.

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Of the the top of my head 40×30 @ 10 inches is about 120 yards of concrete!
I did try to price concrete in my area and got 190 bucks a yard more or less.
Why did I do all this? Numbers excite me.

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@WhyNow A yard of concrete is 27 cubic feet. 3×3x3. I get 37 yards. It took 4 loads to do the job. We did it in sections.
The concrete is sitting on a base of 8–12” of compacted gravel. AND I put rerod in the concrete to make it even stronger.

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I got 37.04 cubic yards. I watched it being done once. They used a metal ‘mesh’ held
4inches off the gravel by setting it on plastic ‘chairs.’ They smoothed out the concrete
by using a helicopter, really! This separate contractor came with a riding machine that had blades on the bottom. He made the concrete smooth as glass! Amazing to watch.

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Update I passed my heart test. Dr said that I can have a heart transplant and would not improve my health.

Also my dizzy spells mostly go away when I eat fruits, veggies and meat, and grains.

I have stopped drinking everything except milk and tap water. Unless it is a treat.

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Good going and good for you !

Dutchess_III's avatar my cart. Thanks.

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