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How do you cure oily skin?

Asked by Chey97 (59points) May 28th, 2014

I have moderate acne and I use a mask every night and morning. After I rinse the mask off, my skin feels so soft, but not even five minutes later it’s so oily its discusting.

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Have you ever gone to a dermatologist? I think you should see one to help you determine your skin’s needs and the doctor will give you medications to help clear your acne.

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OK. Thank you.

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When I was younger I always used a toner with salicylic acid. I liked the one by Mary Kay but any one will do. Now that I’m older I use one with glycolic acid.
I like to say that I am now rewarded for the torture I went through with acne in my youth by having no wrinkles in my fifties.

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@Chey97 I use a buf-puf and nuetregenea soap and I’m 52. Good thing, it keeps your skin really young.

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Thank you. And i will talk to my mom about a dermatoligist. She’s been wasn’t me to go to one for about 3 years now.

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May be it’s the mask that’s giving out the oil. Depends on the things present in it.
I have moderate oily skin. I had the same problem like you for a while in my teens, can’t tell the exact reason but I believe it’s changing hormones. Consult a dermatologist !

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I will. Thank you

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I suggest you stop using face masks.
You could look at Melaleuca they may have something to help you.

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OK. Thank you

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Try organic products, they dont contain chemicals that often irritate oily skin. Good luck

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