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I have Windows 7 and am using AOL dial up for my internet service how do I install a spell check system?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) June 1st, 2014

This has become very frustrating please help me find a spell check system I can download easily.

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Please clarify what you want to use spell check for? Is it for AOL Mail? You should be able to enable spell check in your mail settings.

If that is not it, then what browser are you using? Firefox has a spell check feature built in that automatically checks the spelling of words typed in text boxes containing more than one line. When you finish typing a word, it’s checked against words in their installed dictionary.

Spell check is part of Internet Explorer 10 running on the Windows 7 OS. IE8 and IE9 do not have a built in spell checker but you can get free add-on products like IESpell for this.

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And if by chance you meant you wanted something to write documents with on your computer for non-email purposes, there is open office It essentially does everything that Microsoft Office does except this is free.

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If AOL still uses something called the “AOL Browser” then don’t use it anymore. Open up Internet Explorer, or download Chrome or Firefox while AOL is running. Sorry if my answer’s not relevant. It might be though.

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Chrome and Firefox have it built-in. Use AOL just to connect to the ‘net, then use a real browser to surf.

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