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What is your vacation style?

Asked by cookieman (34968points) June 1st, 2014 from iPhone

Some folks like to bask on a sun-drenched beach with a frozen cocktail in-hand.

Some like to do something adventurous like rock climbing, or snow boarding.

Others (like me) like to explore museums, small shops, and eat the local foods.

A few prefer a “stay-cation” where they simply relax at home.

In fact, there are many different ways to go on holiday. How do you like to vacation?

Also, what’s your preferred pace? Do you get up early and go, go, go all day; or do you prefer to lounge around and take it easy?

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I like a mix of things to do and lounging around. I like to explore the tows where I am, a little swimming, and a little looking around.

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I like the sun-drenched beach in the morning, exploring the shops and museums in the afternoon, and a frozen cocktail or two in the evening kind of vacation.

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I like to do stuff. Much like yourself, @cookieman

Stay as far away from the main drag and the hotel pool as possible.

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We had friends once, who like to fly to other states or countries, stay in a nice hotel — and never leave the hotel.

I could never understand it.

Once, they went to Italy for a week, got a room with a great view, and ordered room service every day. Never saw a damn thing outside the hotel.

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Vacation? What’s that?

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@cookieman I had a friend that hated the beach, but his family loved it, so he went every year and stayed in the hotel the whole entire week. People are indeed odd.

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Rent a cabin on a lake with a dock and a boat. Days are spent swimming, fishing, hiking, tubing, kayaking, playing in the sand and laying on the beach. Nights are spent by the bonfire or going into town for a fish fry and a few drinks.

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I like a good, long road trip.

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It changes depending on where I live. I’m back in Florida now so going to the beach is not high on my list, because I can do that every day if I want.

I tend to like smaller towns and countryside. I like to semi plan things, even planning doing nothing. A museum or two is good. Walking through natural areas. Relaxing by a pool. I like a slow start in the morning. I like to be able to have a meal or two not in a restaurant, like cereal for breakfast in my room, or even grab something at a supermarket for lunch.

I do care that the accommodations are clean and updated. Triple sheeted beds matter a lot to me. I also really like having a suite if I am traveling with my husband. I don’t go for the really fancy Schmancy hotels though usually. Too pricey, and I don’t usually hang out at the hotel a lot when I am on vacation. Typically, I would rather stay at a Residence Inn than a Marriott. I also like staying in unique hotels and Inns as long as they meet my standard of clean. Often I do stay in Marriott brands though, because of the points.

This summer we want to stay in a cabin or lodge and be in nature and maybe canoe, hang out in a small town, horseback ride, waterfalls, bird watching. I’m trying to plan it now.

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