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Have you found a good pillow?

Asked by anniereborn (14859points) June 1st, 2014

This may sound like an odd question, but I really need help. I can never seem to find a pillow that keeps it shape longer than a few months. I have spent up to 20 dollars on one and I figured that was enough. Any advice, brands or stores greatly appreciated.

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Comes in varying degrees of firmness.

Prior to finding this, for years I would make certain to get a latex foam where the two halves were an “egg crate” or waffle type design.

Stay away from those that have chopped up bits of foam regardless of how sturdy they claim to be. They’re crap.

Miles Kimball currently carries a good one with the waffle design.

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@Buttonstc Holy cow! Those are like seventy dollars.

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You didn’t specify price.

If you don’t want that particular brand then look for the type I mentioned afterwards.

Over the years they’ve become harder to find. I’m guessing it’s because most people don’t want that degree of firmness. Or else it many be due to the latex foam being kind of sweaty in warmer weather.

But that can be overcome by getting a quality quilted pillow cover. But they also cost.

I honestly don’t think you are going to find one of sufficient quality if $20 is your upper limit.

Any decent ones which won’t collapse easily are in the $30–40 range (sometimes available on sale for $25–30)

Because I’m a side sleeper, I’ve spent my whole life in search of a pillow firm enough not to collapse midway through the night.

If I’m ever sleeping in a motel or at a friends house, I always bring my own pillow with me cuz I just can’t get a decent sleep on the flimsy ones typically found everywhere.

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The pillows I find at hotels seem to work out great for me actually.

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I’ve been searching for years, since accidentally leaving my perfect pillow at a hotel in 1995. This question does not sound dumb to me at all.

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I’ve never found a pillow I really like, certainly not for $20. My current one is from a Relax the Back store and cost over $100. It’s the memory foam type, which I prefer over down-filled.

If you want a good pillow and wherever you buy it (and I think brand doesn’t really matter)—department store, back store, bedding store—be prepared to pay at least $70 and probably a lot more. Chances are you’ll always b disappointed by low-end models in the price range you mention.

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I have a tempurpedic pillow. It’s expensive but it’s worth it. The only problem I’ve ever had with it was when we were camping. In the cold it gets hard as a rock.

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I like medium down pillows. I moved and left my pillows in my house. I bought these pillows in 2011 and I just love them. Plus they are cheap (2 for $28) on Amazon. You can wash them in the washer too!

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I have tried several different styles and fillings (but not the tempurpedic yet) and find myself coming back to my down pillow each time. When sleeping on my back I usually end up bunching it up under my neck and having less on the back of the head.

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@rojo, the tempurpedic is really firm. This may sound strange, but doing yoga I discovered the correct way to use a pillow. I always plopped on it head and shoulders. After doing yoga I realized that the proper way to support your head is just your head above your shoulders. I’ve slept better with less neck pain ever since.

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I have found that a simple new pillow does the trick if the old one is uncomfortable.

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Feather pillows for the win. I’m a thin guy and if pillows are too thick, I feel like I’m straining my neck. In fact, most of the time I just put my head between the ends of two pillows.

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@rojo I’m the same way. I don’t like when a pillow props my head up or anything, tends to cause more neck pain. I have this pathetic looking pillow but I love it cause like you, I just bunch it up to support just my neck

@Buttonstc Dat stache lol

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I think ours were $30 each. Solid foam rubber , extra soft, on . Have had them for many years. I have goosedown but these are better. My daughter loved them so much I bought her one.

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Like @Stinley, I’ve found that like shoes, I just have to get a new one relatively often. I don’t spend a lot on them though. (I do spend a lot on shoes.)

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One of the most innovative and fun pillows I have seen (at least it made us howl like maniacs) was the one owned by a dorm mate in college.

We took out the body and filled the pillowcase with several cans of shaving cream. When he flopped down on his bed he blew the entire wad from the pillowcase onto the wall and the splatter returned to cover him, most of his bed and a goodly portion of the room, floor and us.

As I said, we thought it was hilarious.

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I do not like the memory foam pillows but love my memory foam mattress. I have hypo-allergenic synthetic pillows because I like pillows that I can squash up under my head. haha
I would never use any down products. Most of you know I am mother goose and one pound of goose down takes a lot of birds to produce.

Also, some countries still utilize live plucking harvests which are incredibly cruel and painful.
If you want to go green, not buying down products is another way to contribute..
To raise 20 large geese, the amount of feed and water it takes to “grow” them and the “harvest of only a few ounces of down per bird, not to mention the cruelty based industry…well…do the math.
I once accidentally bought a down throw pillow and returned it as soon as I caught the error.

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Maybe ask the last good hotel you slept in where they get their pillows. Yes?

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Some hotels have a catalog and you can order their pillows, mattress sets, blankets.

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