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What kind of person could be so oblivious to their behavior?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46881points) June 3rd, 2014

This creep threw his two year old daughter into a creek while she was strapped to her car seat.

“Given the chance to explain his actions to Judge Anthony Mellaci Jr., Morgan complained that the media published photos that made him look inappropriately angry or happy. He also says he would not have worn designer clothing to court if he knew he would be criticized for it.”

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Apparently, that guy.

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What in the hell could twist a person up like that?

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The same kind as this one

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Horrible @josie. But the guy in the story I linked to was more concerned about how the pictures in the press made him look, and what clothes he had on.

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The judge should have given him the witch test by dunking. There is precedent and I think it would be most appropriate.

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And just think, in another 30 years we will be at a population of 10 billion, 9.9 billion will be stupid and disturbed, just like the present global situation. Oh joy!

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There was also the lowlife CO. mom that left her 3 yr. old boy alone for 20 hours recently and then found him dead. It wasn’t the 1st time she left him alone for hours and hours. Possible he died from ingesting some sort of prescription medication. This world, nothing surprises me anymore.

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What interests you most about these cases @Dutchess_III?

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The fact that he was mostly concerned about the type of pictures the press used of him, and what clothes he wore to court. The absolute lack of….remorse or even understanding of the horrible thing he had done just blew my mind.

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I just wonder that you want to understand this. Must be an inner masochism :)

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