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Do you sometimes get a bit greedy and overeat then vow not to do it again?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) June 9th, 2014

You may promise not to et so much again after indigestion woes, but sure enough you do it again! Does this happen frequently? Do you do something to control it? What make you overeat in the first place?

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story of my life. I am a great dieter, but unless I have a disciplined plan this is a rearing theme. The big plan starts tomorrow.

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I rarely overeat. It makes me uncomfortable and is a waste of money and calories. There is no need to diet if the food is not shoved into the pie hole in the first place.

When at a restaurant, I order a take out box to come with the meal. When served, I immediately cut the meal in half and put it in the box. (I don’t care if the guys make fun.) That way I feel better and have a clean meal ready for tomorrow.

Nothing quite shows the cultural differences between Japan and the US as the expressions for being full.
US – “Man! I’m so stuffed I can hardly move.” or “I’m so stuffed I could puke.”
Japan – “Hara Hachi Bun yo!” meaning “My gut is at 8 tenths.”

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All the time. I’m a hedonist at heart and a creature of extremes. I try to stick to a 6 day on, 3 day off plan. Eat light and healthy for a week then splurge on a few beers, and whatever I want for a few days. Yesterday I had a major junkie lunch and it was SO good. haha
I got a corn dog and fried zucchini with ranch dressing and a strawberry milkshake at a local old time drive in place here in my town. It was totally worth it!

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I don’t go to casinos for the gambling. ‘Nuff said.

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Nah. I can over indulge once in a while and not feel bad, because 99% of the time my eating habits are fine.

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@LuckyGuy Oh, I hate that feeling too!

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I occasionally overindulge, but I’m not a hypocrite about it. I know that I’ll do it again – sometime. What I do work on is increasing the interval between those times.

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If I know that I have a big to do coming up, like a bar b que that evening, I won’t eat anything at all that day, until the bar b que.

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@Dutchess_III I do the same thing. I will back off on breakfast or lunch if a big dinner is on the horizon.
On the other hand I am not afraid to really load up if I am going to be involved in extremely physical activities for a few days, like climbing radio towers in January in sub-freezing weather. That really burns calories. I usually eat over 4000 calories per day under those circumstances.

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@LuckyGuy 4000 calories a day? I’d weigh 400 lbs. in a week even if I was running 10 miles a day. lol

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@LuckyGuy like climbing radio towers in January in sub-freezing weather.

Not related to this question but…what? I want to do that.

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@Coloma It is actually 4000 to 4500 calories per day when on the towers. In the normal world I only eat about 2000 to 2200 calories per day.

@Symbeline Come on down. It is located in the mountains of New York’s Southern Tier: Cohocton, Prattsburg area at 2000+ ft. I’ll give you a climbing belt.

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Here you go @Symbeline. You can do it vicariously. Hell, it takes me 1000 calories just to watch this shit – and I’m not particularly afraid of heights, or averse to cold weather or storms.

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@CWOTUS Omg that was so badass…I loved climbing things as a teen, but obviously, nothing anywhere NEAR that high. That’s insane. I hope those guys get paid a lot. Do they do this everyday? Man I don’t quite understand why they can’t send the guys up there via chopper instead of having to make them climb all the way up there. I’d still give it a try, assuming I’d be brave enough. Very cool video. I have to find more now.

@LuckyGuy Is that what you do for a living? Climb on these things and fix them up? And man that’s high, 2000ft?

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@Symbeline No. I don’t have to go up 2000 ft. Our towers are only 110 ft. We are on top of the mountain at 2000 ft . The wind is biting but the view is spectacular. Still, at 110 ft that is 11 stories. It would be very ugly to fall. 110 ft or 2000 ft, the result would be the same.

Look up Rohn 25 and Rohn 45 to get the idea.

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I think I’m gonna throw up.

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@LuckyGuy Looked them up. At least those don’t look as complicated to climb. But I bet it’s still scary, I guess until you get used to it if you do this every day?

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@Symbeline. You need to learn 4 things: how to get on the tower; how to go up one rung at a time; how to go down one rung at a time; and how to get off. That is basically it.
You need to concentrate on keeping yourself attached all the time.

@Dutchess_III That would be disgusting as the mess would cover a surprisingly large area. When you pee the drops reach a certain velocity and break up into smaller drops about 50 ft down. (Not that I would know.)
I only need to climb a couple of times per year. Thankfully I can sit in a lab for a lot of my time.

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@Symbeline Here’s a Geocache for you.

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