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Do you ever want to reply to some (or most) questions sarcastically?

Asked by paulc (2919points) July 25th, 2008

I sometimes get on a kick where I could answer most questions with what I think is some seriously funny shit that would likely just come off as complete jackassery. I don’t. I stop myself. Its love… for you; I don’t want to hurt you. Do you ever feel this way? How do you prevent yourself from crossing the line from being useful into being a total <expletive> even though it would be entertaining as hell?

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Hell yeah!.....but like you, I try to restrain myself – most of the time successfully.

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I have to try even harder because I’m a moderator. But no, of course not. ~

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Oh – and to answer the last part of the Q; how to keep from doing it: Most of the time I just skip the question for the time being and go back to it later…...of course, sometimes that means I end up not answering that Q at all…..because the urge will not subside! And on occasions I decide to just go for it – it can be fun :)

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I reply sarcastically, but in joke form, provide “Why would you need to ask this?” advice/wisdom. Some people get it, other people are like “OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN”

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all the time

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yep. Sometimes I manage to stop myself though

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Sarcasm doesn’t always play well online. And the few bits I have seen here on fluther I’ve laughed at. Although I couldn’t find them now. But in answer to the question, not really personally, I guess online is the place I can make up for all the off the bat sarcastic comments I make in real life that may turn out to be offensive as I have much less time to think about them. Hehe.

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Once you get familiar with the community you’ll learn when it’s appropriate and when it’s just plain mean. We like to have fun here and I try to never take myself too seriously.

Of course the context of any question is important; if a fellow jelly is reaching out for help with sincerity, I usually take a “hands off” approach to sarcasm.

You get what you give, and as in real life social circles, people remember you for your deeds and your words.

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Me? never.

Only when it’s warranted/not in a serious call for help/when I really can’t hold it in.


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Oh yeah- the temptation is there.
Because it is easy to be taken seriously
When sarcastic I muzzle it a lot.
but oh the quips I could make..,

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next to answering sarcastically, i also like to just take someone down in an answer, so that’s when the restrain comes in…or not

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Always when there is a stupid question, such as the one above this one: why does my dented (that really dosen’t matter) car get worse milage when I use the AC.

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oh no, of COURSE NOT. i would NEVER answer a question SARCASTICALLY.


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Seriously though, i’ve found it’s a lot harder to be sarcastic in writing than it is in speech. You have to be very careful when pulling the piss out of someone, you have to make sure it doesn’t sound too serious. What you hear in your head isn’t always going to be what they hear in their head when they read it.

But fluther is a community, and it’s good to have fun sometimes. Sometimes being witty or completely random can go down a lot better than just being sarcastic.

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I’m probably way too much of a smart-ass. Hopefully, not completely obnoxious, though. I really depends on the caliber of the question.

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I have found that subtlety, brevity, and irony work better than sarcasm, bombast and fortissimo.

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no, what makes you think that?

::::rolls eyes

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Most questions deserve sarcasm.

Especially when we try to pretend they’re important…..

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I have a serious problem with sarcasm. I hardly ever recognize it, and it usually looks like insults, yet sometimes I manage to pull a real zinger. It’s fairly random, as most of my attempts are just lame.

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@Yarnlady—it helps me to imagine everyone on the internet winking & sneering 99% of the time. Try that & you might find it easier to decode content…

(ps: i luvs yer rabbit ears)

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