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Have you ever been offended by a movie?

Asked by rockfan (14627points) June 9th, 2014

And if you were accompanied by another person, did they feel the same way?

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No, I don’t do offended, leave that to the poor wee sensitive souls.

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Yes. And I give that big screen a good slapping with my leather gloves. heh heh… :)

Seriously, I don’t think I have ever been offended by a movie. Will search my memory though.

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Yes. A group of us went to see a movie, and if I hadn’t been seated next to the wall in a line of friends, I would have walked out. It’s one item on a very short list of life’s regrets.

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I was offended by that Dungeons&Dragons movie. The dwarf character is taller than just about all the other characters. What the ass?

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There was a film I saw that was… borderline.

It was a comedy about a teenaged boy who accidentally killed himself through autoerotic asphyxiation, and his father covered it up to look like a suicide because he was ashamed.

But it wasn’t a haha, laugh out loud funny comedy… it was a dark comedy. So you want to laugh but you feel guilty about it. I was mostly confused as to how I was supposed to feel at any given moment. It was very uncomfortable.

@Symbeline Please tell me you’ve seen Dorkness Rising.

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Yes, I was over “Son of God”, that was a butchered hatchet job that will deceive many.

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Jar Jar Trek.

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I’ve been offended by how horrible a movie was or how it raped my childhood memories lol but never actually offended.

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“The Secret” was offensively stupid

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The Neverending Story II… The first one was pretty cool. The second one was awful. It offended my sensibilities and taught me a little something about movie makers trying to leech as much money out of folks while providing as little quality as possible.

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Birth of a Nation makes me so angry I think firebombing theaters might be justified.

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Yes. I walked out of “The Simpsons” movie during a gorgeous, summer night on Martha’s Vineyard. When the neighborhood hung nooses over a tree branch to lynch the Simpson family, I left. Lynchings aren’t funny. Nobody should make light of or find humor in such a heinous concept.

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Offended? No.

Bored, yes. Upset that I was wasting my time in a stupid movie, yes. Forced myself to fall asleep to escape the stupid movie, yes.

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Pretty much what @jca said.

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Yes. Although I love the music, I found the story of South Pacific very dated and racist.

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I was offended that there were three hobbit movies, two movies of the final Harry Potter book, and two movies from one Twilight novel.

* shakes fist at nothing *

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Deathly Hallows needed two movies, otherwise one movie would have felt like a cliff notes version of highlights from the book.

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I would have been happier with three Hobbit movies that told the actual story instead of adding a bunch of sappy bullshit that doesn’t belong.

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My ex-wife and I went to see Blazing Saddles when we were in college. We got to the fart-by-the-campfire scene, and she was utterly grossed out. She made us leave. We were 20 years old at the time. (Maybe that’s why we are divorced!)

I walked out of the movie Solaris – I don’t know if I was offended or embarrassed that I had spent $10 for a ticket to the absolute worst movie ever made. I think that I was offended that they felt the movie was worthwhile when there was no plot.

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^ I don’t know if I was offended or embarrassed that I had spent $10 for a ticket to the absolute worst movie ever made.
In spite of the 4–5 star ratings must have been youngster pushing the ratings that seen it on cable, I would say Cloverfield would give it a run for its money of not beat it down silly; such a waste of money, making it and watching it.

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Ok got it. Man of Steel offended me. Ruined Superman for me.

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