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Visible versus audible, and visual versus ....? what is the word?

Asked by flo (13313points) June 12th, 2014

Say someone says “I need the visual blah blah blah for tomorrow and I need the…... blah blah blah for next week” If they are talking about voice (but not words) what is the one word that goes in the blank?

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Vocals, audio

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Aural, I was so sure that there is such no word!

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Aural is it! It has to do with sound and hearing. Audio could work, too.

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Auditory sounds more natural to me as the counterpart to visual, and won’t be confused with oral.

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Aural could easily be confused with oral excellent point.

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Visible versus audible, and visual versus


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In your sample sentence, I’d definitely go with audio. It sounds like a work-related scenario. At the law firm where I work, we’d say video recording vs. audio recording when discussing a hearing or meeting being recorded.

I’ve honestly never seen or heard of the word aural.

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@livelaughlove21 aural is a pretty common word. It’s used a lot when describing music, especially classical or jazz music.

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I plump for aural too.

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It’s not audio. That is the counterpart to video not visual.

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Audial is a perfect english word.

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Thanks all. Good to know.

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