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Have you ever had that pivotal point in life where you thought, "Ah hah! This is who I'm meant to be!"?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) June 13th, 2014

Or it could have even been a temporary, “Ah hah! This is who I’m meant to be right now!”

Why was it a pivotal point and how has the outcome been so far?

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Nope, I have yet to live that!

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I’m hoping it will happen on my 70th birthday, 10 days hence.

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When ever I confront the last boss in a video game I hear that chanting. My charisma vs. the boss.

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Oh yes! I was able to live in total and blissful congruency with my authentic self for a delightful 7 yr. period, until this freaking economy wiped me put in 2012–13. Now I am back to working in a job I hate just to make ends meet. It sucks, but I did not not take one minute of my joy and good fortune for granted during that high time. Now the tides have shifted again, but I can truly say that I KNOW, few will ever experience what I did and I am forever grateful for that amazing and enlightening stretch of my life.

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Yup. I was about to throw up before stepping in front of the classroom, but I was in the zone while covering the syllabus and passing out handouts. By spring, I was teaching drama and thought to myself, “Ah, so this is the sweet promise a PhD holds in store for me..” I submitted my paperwork in fall and I’m actively pursuing that dream.

This after years of adamantly refusing any connection to teaching whatsoever.

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Yes – My first day of Audiology 101 class. After changing majors and dropping out of college for a couple years, and still feeling unsure, within that first hour, I knew that I had found my vocation. That was in January of 1989, and I still love what I do.

I also experienced this with my fiancĂ©, when we first met. We had befriended on a social network and after interacting there for several weeks, we got together as friends. I felt completely at home with him right from the beginning. After hanging out a few times, I realized that we had the potential for a terrific partnership, and I started dropping hints. We had some long discussions about what transitioning to a romance would mean and what we both wanted from a relationship before we decided to have our first official date. We’ll be crossing the five year line in the fall, and have only had one minor tiff. That’s not to say that we agree on everything, and that we don’t get on each others nerves from time-to-time, but rather that our partnership is our number one priority, so we don’t let the little stuff trip us up.

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Yes, after that I had to go for therapy.

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I really think your action or determination can mold that and you can be what or whoever you want to become. I know I an always striving for better and being the best person I can be whatever test may be

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Every second week in university… I changed my major 17 times.

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