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Can you recommend a good speaker system ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) July 5th, 2008

So I finally have a room mate that has the same music taste and thus I can now blast my music. So I am looking for a good speaker system to use with my laptop. Dont really care about looks – just the sound quality.Something in the under-$100 range would be awesome.

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This is a really good one.

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That one looks fine, I was looking up the Logitech speakers I have and apparently they’re no longer available for sale.
It cost me $79 for 4 speakers + the sub (great deal) and then it broke, I called up logitech and they sent me a brand new one. So now I have 8 speakers and 2 subs :D
Anyhow, just go with Logitech, they make nice long lasting speakers that don’t look too shabby either.

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I agree with beast. I have these and paid more than what amazon has them for. They are incredible. And if you like to “crank it up” these take everything you throw at ‘em. They are also great for movies, the bass knocks pictures off the wall. For the price, you can’t beat em.

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I am not a big fan of logitech. They screwed me up with their keyboards in the past. I am looking for something from maybe Creative, Altec Lansing or something a little more fancy.

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klipsch promedia series speakers sound awesome… They were the best speakers I have yet come across for my computer.

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@mirza, i thought below $100 was the criteria. Just out of curiosity, were the keyboards wireless? What were the issues. I have yet to find a good wireless keyboard from any maker.

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@pattyb: I found the Klpisch ProMedia on eBay for about 70 bucks with a buy it now but i am bidding on one so it should be a lot cheaper. Previously i got a logitech dinovo keyboard for like $ 50 at costco. The wireless adapter stopped working after like a month. They told me that i would have to pay like the shipping fee and a service charge of $10 (bring the total to about $20) to get it fixed.

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