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How can I create 3D computer games? Will I need to code anything?

Asked by programin (10points) July 5th, 2008 from iPhone

I can’t find any free software that looks really good to make 3D games, I need to know if I will need any HTML editors in the creation of the game.

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You could do it with Javascript and CSS. example

Your best bet is probably Flash. And yes, you will need to write code. Lots of it. And Flash isn’t even close to being free.

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So you’re saying that I could do it by pure HTML? As in HTML designing images?

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No, not with HTML. The easiest way is going to be Flash.

See this impressive example of what can be done with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I’m not joking. That is impressive.

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Ok thank you very much, one more question. Is CSS and HTML the same thing?

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johnpowell, do I have to purchase flash or can I get a download off the Internet? If so, where?

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no, if it was, it would be called the same name…we have our friends at wiki for that sort of thing, HTML is different from CSS

and if john says it’s not even close to being free…then yes you will have to purchase it

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So dreamweaver and flash are the same thing?

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no, dreamweaver is used to build webpages and flash is used to make flash applets

i’m sure john will now give you the big one..

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That game is made with Flash.

Flash isn’t like HTML at all. But it is probably the best thing to make simple games.

edit :: programing in Flash is similar to javascript. It has a similar syntax. I would really start with a basic book on HTML. It sounds like you are trying to learn differential equations without learning long division. And that wasn’t an insult, I’m just trying to help.

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So what do video game producers use to create games? Like Activision and others.

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they usually have SDK’s (software developer kits) they buy from a manufacturer, around that they use tons of software to create the resources for the game, i guess the engine is built using the SDK, however, i’m not that deep into the process really. but let’s just say that it’s certainly not cheap, and especially not easy or quick to do…

if i may be so bold as to ask in your question, how old are you and how much real experience have you had with programming ?

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I’ll be 16 in 2 months, and I really don’t have much experience in creating games. I’ve tried many softwares but disliked them all.

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No offence, but with no experience you have a minute chance, if any, making working games.

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Then how would any games get made? How about telling him how to get started.

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@bri L, that’s where the reading kicks in, i do believe i gave him some insight, but i’ll give in to your demands, here comes:

first of all, a team of creative directors gets together and brainstorms over ideas, this takes roughly a month (working it out), then, as they start working on assets and resources for the game, a team of coders starts working on the engine, or modifying an existing one to fulfill the needs of the game, this can take anywhere from a year to three years or more, the coders use the resources build by the creative team to implement into the game, resources include characters, levels, props, etc.ofcourse not everything will run smoothly so the coders will have to do some adjustments, and a lot of testing

at the same time an A/V team is creating the voices, sound effects and music, while another team can start working on the cutscenes using either the engine or an external video creation program using the games resources

after both devisions are done, it has to be fused together into a nice package, tested over and over, corrected over and over, around the same time the art team has made the box art, and if everyone is sure they did a good job the game “goes gold” meaning it’ll be printed, boxed, and shipped

this is usually done by a team consisting of around 50–100 in total, good luck…

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