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[GAME] Can you name an animal you cannot use in a Fluther Question Title?

Asked by Seek (34714points) June 18th, 2014

Because everyone loves a game thread! or something

We already know the Great Tits and the Blue-footed Boobies are out.

Why don’t I start the list with…

Bearded Clam?

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Haha @Seek :)

I don’t have much dirty slang so can I go with some made-up one like Ball Dragon?

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Tits Titmouse

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Pussy Willow. (James Bond)
Dick (Nixon)
Cock (chicken)

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Pussy (cat)

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Just came up with something: the mods hate this cartoon!

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Stud ( I’ve cleaned a horses sheath before…whoa baby. lol )
Cock ( Hey, my cock won a blue ribbon at fair one year. ) It’s true, I used to show exhibition poultry. Japanese Shamos, Jungle Fowl and BB Red Modern Game Cocks)
Ass ( My old neigh-bors were Mules, their daddy really was an Ass. )

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Horny toad?

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Hump-back whale!

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The French word for seal is ’‘phoque’’, which is pronounced exactly like the English word ’‘fuck’’.
You can even make jokes with it; ’‘ouate’’ in French is a type of cotton, and is pronounced like the English word ’‘what’’.

Cotton from a seal…
...ouate de phoque. Lol.

Also, sperm whale. SPERM.

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As long as you don’t mention “Tit’s”: and “Boobies”: as actual animals, for which they are legitimately named, and you just refer to tits and boobies as euphemisms for female breasts, apparently, you’re good to to on Fluther, no NSFW necessary.

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Somewhere on the internet.

Duck you!

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I suspect that all animals which have sex are probably off limits. Dirty!

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Have you ever held a gorgeous beaver when it was dripping wet?
My wife just told me she would like a cockatoo… is she planning a threesome?

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I was going to say “red snapper” but I see that is acceptable.
Just as a matter of interest, how many red snappers do we have here in Flutherland?

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Slippery Dick! I saw one in a museum once and couldn’t stop laughing like a 12-year-old.
Well, maybe I was a 12-year-old.

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I wonder what happens if I mistype “maggot” because I mistake the letter “f” to the letter “m”...

“Oh yeah! You are a true maggot!”

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Cocker Spaniel?

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Check out this adorable Dik Dik

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