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Do you call the USAF's A-10 a "Thunderbolt II" or a "Warthog?"?

Asked by kritiper (13186points) June 23rd, 2014

Why don’t people call it what it is!

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It’s the Warthog, ugly slow but amazingly effective. Why do the higher ups keep wanting to kill something so useful?

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For now, i’d call it a “what-the-fuck-is-that”

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For the record, the official name is “Thunderbolt II.” Named after the highly effective P-47 Thunderbolt of WWII fame. (Highly effective as a ground attack aircraft.)

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I just call it a target.

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How about a Sweat Hog!?!?

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A Warthog by any other name would be a Thunderbolt II

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And why the hell would I know of every aircraft in the military and their respective names/nicknames? Unless I was in the military myself, or had an interest in it?

The only ones I’m familiar with are, or were rather, the blackhawk helicopters, and I know of them because they had the reputation of falling apart on their own during use.

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If we’re going to call it what it is, then we might as well go with Death From Above.

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They used to circle my yard.

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