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Who thinks watching sport is a waste of time?

Asked by antimatter (4397points) June 23rd, 2014

I don’t think watching sport is a waste of time but somehow my girlfriend thinks it’s a waste of time.

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Meh. It’s entertainment.

I do, however, think the money in sports is obscene. It’s horrible for colleges, and it’s horrible that individual professional athletes make more than entire platoons of soldiers, divisions of fire fighters, and schools of teachers.

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It isn’t for those who like it. Like soap operas, I think those are probably along the worse things entertainment has ever come up with, followed by TV reality…but hey, but to whoever likes it, good for them.

Although I am a little distraught on how much money some professional sport players make. The whole sports thing is a big money gobbler, and cities and countries could use that money for far more important things.

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It’s enjoyment. So is your time best served enjoying yourself or doing something else? And she doesn’t have to watch it, so it’s not a waste of her time.

Now, if you make her watch it, that’s wrong.

If it keeps you from spending time with her, then you get to evaluate whether or not it’s worth it to you since it might be more important than your relationship.

And if you like it, she has to evaluate whether it’s something she can be okay with you doing or if it makes her feel resentful.

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I’m sure there are things she enjoys that others feel is a waste of time. I’d rather watch a baseball game than spend the afternoon getting my hair and nails done. Unless you spend an unhealthy amount of time watching sports and ignoring those around you, there’s nothing wrong with it.

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@Symbeline, my sentiments exactly. Couldn’t have said it better.

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That’s your girlfriend’s opinion. That’s not your opinion. You guys don’t have to agree on everything. It’s not for her, yet she should not insult you for what you like, and hopefully you don’t insult her for what she likes.

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Yes, it is.

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Most girls think this way.

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It is a waste of time, but not the only mode or event that waste time, so to each his own.

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@Dan_Lyons: Be careful making generalizations.

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I think it is a pleasant distraction. I don’t think it is healthy to constantly be obsessed and focused on important things. Sometimes you need a break to keep relaxed and sane.

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I can’t do it. I can play sports but watching it is like eating a hot dog with american cheese and white bread. There is no nutritional substance there.

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I find it mind numbingly boring but then again I’m sure there are plenty of things I do that others find mind numbingly boring so I try not to judge.

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Other than figure skating, I think watching pretty much every other sport is a waste of time, so I don’t watch any other sports, but I also know that most people very much enjoy watching them, so I wouldn’t try to convince anyone, especially not my SI, to not watch sports. That would be rude and demanding (unless the sports watching takes up so much time that it becomes a problem within the relationship, but even figuring out if it’s a problem is subjective).

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No chance, but listening to people who bang on about how they believe it to be is.
Sport is a multi billion £/$/€ global brand, much the same as the movie/game/music industry & yet sport is singled out as trivial & its stars as overpaid prima donnas.
It’s entertainment at the end of the day, one that stirs passions & brings unity to entire communities in terms of shared support for a local team & I bloody love it!
Despite England failing again in the World Cup…sobs…whimper

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I just spent over an hour sitting on my deck doing ostensibly absolutely nothing, not a thriling activity for many.We each get to decide how to spend our leisure time. If someone wants to watch a lot of good-looking guys in shorts run around for several hours, who am I to object?

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I do…. ever since a sporting event (golf , darts, baseball, basketball, equestrian ) pre-empted my Saturday morning cartoons. I’m still livid from missing my D&D cartoons. I still like watching figure skating with cute couples.

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@ucme Haha, a while back you said that England would probably fail; where’s the spirit man?! Lookit what you did lol.

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I am not into sports at all, don’t know the rules or anything, but I still enjoyed watching with my husband, because he enjoyed it. My sister, on the other hand, banishes her husband to his TV room and secretly fumes about it. Weird! Why not make some snacks, pick teams, and root for them while spending some quality time with your spouse? Just sayin’.

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I’m sure most people would agree that workers should be compensated on a level comparable to the wealth they generate for their employers. Why then do people take issue with the money pro athletes make?

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Is shoe shopping a waste of time? Is going to the salon a waste of time? What does your girlfriend consider worthy of time? My guess is she wastes quite a bit of time in her own way. Let her do those things when the game is on.

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@Symbeline I can’t remember saying we’d fail, think I said low expectations meant going into the tournament to enjoy the matches, no matter how short lived…just not that bloody short

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Q: “What’s the difference between a teabag and the English football team?”

A: “The teabag stays in the cup longer.” :)

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That joke is as old as the first World Cup, 1930 to be precise.
Still lasted longer than Spain & have one more game tomorrow against Costa Rica, go out on a high at least.

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^ Sorry ;)

And I’ll be rooting for you.

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Hey, that’s okay, just banter & yeah, cheers :)

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Costa Rica will destroy england.

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They may well do & good luck to them, our tournament over anyway, so nothing on the game.
Look forward to laughing when the Germans run out of luck & lose badly, always amusing.

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I understand the USA and Germany are conspiring to tie their next game.

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USA is in this?

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because ghana and portugal fucked up

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Yes @Symbeline, Portugal got lucky and scored a goal to tie the game with USA in the very last seconds of extra time (94 minutes).
Ghana lost 2–1 with the USA just scoring the winning goal in the very last minutes of that game.

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If the US was ahead during regular time, why did the game go into overtime, or did the US go ahead during overtime?

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If you knew anything about soccer, @Brian1946, you would know that a 90 minute game never ends at the 90 minute mark and always has a little extra time tacked on for delays during the game (because they never stop the clock during a soccer match).

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I think watching baseball or hockey is a waste of time, but watching basketball or tennis are great fun.

We each are given a finite amount of time, and none of us knows how much we have left – it is our most valuable resource. How we choose to invest or waste that resource is a decision each of us must make for ourselves, based on our priorities and interests. If you and a potential partner don’t share a good proportion of the same priorities and interests, they might not be the most compatible partner for you.

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@Dan_Lyons Are you implying that because I didn’t know that about “soccer”, that I knew nothing about “soccer” before your answer?

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@Brian1946 You asked ”If the US was ahead during regular time, why did the game go into overtime, or did the US go ahead during overtime?”

This indicated to me that you know very little about soccer as it is a rudimentary fact that soccer games go 90 minutes plus extra time.

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I don’t like watching sport, but I never think it’s a waste of time. It all depends on the individuals.

What I find a waste of time is the action of getting depressed when your favorite teams lose and the sport gambling.

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@Dan_Lyons While it’s true that I know very little about “soccer”, your inclusion of that observation has no germane educational value. However, I have learned more than one thing from your answer, one of which is to seek information from someone other than you.

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The only sport I’ll watch is football and only if I’m in the mood. I’m hardly ever in the mood. I usually skip the entire regular season and will catch the last few playoff games and watch the Superbowl.

The only time I ever watched baseball for more than 5 minutes was in 2007 and 2013 when Boston won the World Series. I watched every game of each series.

Other than that, sports bore me.

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The Germans were lucky to draw against Ghana 2–2, hope they beat Portugal & qualify for the last 16.
One of the more attacking teams so far & they did reach the quarter final last time in S.Africa, losing to Luis Suarez the cheating Uruguayan with the big teeth.

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@Brian1946 I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

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[Mod says] This post is in the General section, and side-banter about soccer and the World Cup is off-topic. We are awaiting response from the OP whether we should moderate the derailment or move the thread to Social. Please stay on topic as long as the post is is General. Thank you.

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I can take them or leave them. Not a huge fan.

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I only watch games with my football team in it

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[Mod says] Moved to Social with OP’s permission.

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I only like the food at sporting events… Hot dogs and hamburgers. I hate the sport and the noise.

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@talljasperman Then the only thing you need is a fast food restaurant ~

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@Mimishu1995 I like boiled hot dogs on a steamed bun.

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[Mod says] Moved to Social with OP’s permission.
Another question bite the General Question) dust, and off to the soft social.

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